Who Was Jesus?

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naomi24 | 15:06 Sun 10th Feb 2019 | Religion & Spirituality
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In response to Nailit’s observation that “It’s gone a bit quiet on here”, in an effort to generate a little discussion that might be of interest to all, ASSUMING THE MAN JESUS EXISTED, who do you think he might have been – and what are your reasons for reaching your conclusion?


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He might have been a teacher, a charismatic individual who preached the word of 'God' to a believing populace in need of something to believe in.
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I believe he existed, but not as the 'son of God'. I believe he was a charismatic preacher (such as a latter day Billy Graham) who people were drawn to and wanted to follow. Unlike Billy Graham though, he probably did believe in God, as there are no records of him asking for money as Graham did, so therefore he was more genuine.
Muslims do not doubt that Jesus existed, but they say that he was nobody special, just a prophet. I am inclined to agree with the Muslim view, because I do not believe in miracles. Everything must have a rational explanation.
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MrsDanver, among the many, many books on my shelves on the subjects of religion, philosophy, theology, religious history, and Ancient Astronauts there is an old one entitled ‘Jesus Christ: Heir to the Astronauts’, by Gerhard R. Steinhauser, dealing with that theory – although as far as I recall it doesn’t claim the disciples were also Ancient Aliens.

hereIam, he didn't ask for money, but he did have rich friends and supporters and it appears he never did a day's work for a wage in his life.

Here's my theory. I think he may have been the rightful heir to the throne of Israel - the King of the Jews, as the legend pinned by the Romans to the cross proclaimed. Hence, the visit of the Wise Men to Bethlehem for the momentous birth of a very important person, and Herod's (who wasn't the rightful king but a sycophant employed by the Romans) panic at news of Jesus' birth. I also think it possible that he was taken at an early age, probably to India, by the 'wise men', to be educated (although a devout Jew he did have a few ideas that he hadn't found within Judaism) and returned to his parents for his Bar Mitzvah, age 12. Married to Mary Magdalene at Cana, the rest of his life, I believe, was spent in plotting to overthrow Roman rule in an effort to gain his throne, which would explain their attempt to legitimately dispose of him on a charge of insurrection. Wealthy friends and bribery facilitated his escape after just three hours on the cross - usually a very slow and painful death - and subsequently, being obliged to flee Palestine for his own safety, he probably lived out his days in India, where in Kashmir stands a tomb to this day reputed to be the final resting place of Jesus of Nazareth.
I think Life of Brian came pretty close.
...and I thought he was a carpenter...:-)
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No, Tilly ... that was his dad.
I know that, Naomi. I thought Jesus had followed suit.
I thought he was just an elaborate advertising campaign for Hovis.

"Jesus' body may not be the Bread of Life, but our wonderful home-baked loaves certainly are!"
Exactly Tilly - he wasn't the Messiah he was a very naughty boy...
Jesus was a joiner. A joiner of men.
Sorry, I meant a Capricorn. :-)

Jesus was a Capricorn
He ate organic food
He believed in love and peace
And never wore no shoes
Long hair, beard and sandals
And a funky bunch of friends
Reckon we'd just nail him up
If he came down again

Kris Kristofferson
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Tilly, so does everyone else because that's what they've been taught ... but there's nothing to suggest that it happened. He was never referred to as Jesus the Carpenter, only as the Carpenter's son.
I got it wrong, Naomi. See above.
I am a practising Christian and firmly believe that Jesus was/is the Son of God. I dont usually come to this site to preach but hey you did ask
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fiveleaves, yes, I did ask. Thank you for joining us.
He was an experiment by Aliens who impregnated a Human Female.

Awww, ...bless
There is a school of thought claiming Jesus to be the son of Casper, making him wholly ghost.

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