Atheism Cannot Answer The Big Questions.

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Theland | 03:28 Fri 14th Sep 2018 | Religion & Spirituality
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Too often when discussing origins, atheists simply say, "we don't know," and put FAITH in science that one day the answers will come.
But atheism is synonymous with evolution, for which there is not a single shred of evidence.
All it is, is a wonderful successful marketing achievement convincing masses of people that inert chemicals sprang into life, and then from the microbial slime, evolution produced mankind.
What drivel.
If you believe this rubbish, it is because YOU have never taken the time or trouble to study the evidence for and against.
It really is shocking.
Is it not time you thought for yourself?


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"Atheism Cannot Answer The Big Questions." Atheism doesn't really answer any questions regarding the human condition;
23:42 Mon 17th Sep 2018
I have to be honest and say that I didn't read your post, but it is nice to see you posting with such enthusiasm. It has been like a war zone on AB of late.

MY gods have indicated that we should be toddling back to bed - if they hadn't woken me up to feed them I would still be in bed. It is a hard life being a Cat - or so they tell me.

Good night
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4 cats so know what you mean!
Hi Puddles ;-/
Ready for a day in the park?
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Keeping my strides on!
Off to bed.
Give Boaty my best.
Sleep well, keep yer legs crossed.
I don’t understand how you can say there is no evidence for evolution when there is loads. May I ask what evidence there is that God exists?
Atheism is not about pretending to know the answer to the 'big questions'. Atheism is about having the honesty to acknowledge one does not know the answer to a particular question those less honest claim to possess before they do, a kind of honesty and integrity within ones own mind believers have sacrificed on the alter of a cherished belief as demonstrated by their condemnation of the most productive avenue of truth we have found . . . science.

It doesn't matter to me how life started although primordial soup still works for me. It matters how humans grow and develop. I don't think gods are anything other than a way of explaining what we don't understand, and a comfort in the face of death but one day if we don't destroy ourselves maybe we will go out into the universe and seem as gods to other primitive cultures.

I won't put my faith in constructs but in humankind. My love not to a deity but those with whom I share my life, and awe for a world that still has beauty enough to still you to the core. And if I live as a kind thoughtful person it won't be because I believe, it will be because it's a joyful way to live.

Science will find more and more answers, but mysteries drive us forward. If we all believed we were made by the hand of a mystical being there would be no reason to learn, to explore.
// and seem as gods to other primitive cultures. //

Or be seen as primitive ourselves.
//And if I live as a kind thoughtful person it won't be because I believe, it will be because it's a joyful way to live. //

Can't agree more.
It doesn't matter what religion or not anyone is what matters is how they lead their lives.
//Is it not time you thought for yourself? //

Why don't you think about doing that?
(Shakes head).
There are 2 things in life which are certain you get born and you die .....its all the crap in the middle that makes no sense!
And if you add in some deity or another, not only does it not make sense you get to feel guilty all the time too
Some people like feeling guilty ;-/
Case for no god scenario = 1bn reasons
Case for god scenario = 0
Long story short:
This guy puts out this nonsense regularly.
You won't convince a closed mind with any cogent arguments.
Bottom line - don't waste your time.

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Atheism Cannot Answer The Big Questions.

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