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thejudderman | 05:23 Wed 13th Jun 2018 | Religion & Spirituality
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Why does the government or any one else in authority, even answerbank admin suppress anyone's opinion that shows Islam for what it is??


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Just got to come up in here I don't expect anyone to answer this as is the case of most of my I out on threads.... How can anyone against Islam be called a RACIST whenIslam is not a race it's a religion!!?? There's no such race as Christian, or Catholic or any other religion for that matter...they are purely religions NOT races. Answer please??
* input....
jackthehat, //Did he?
It must that invisible typing.....//

It was an educated guess…. but see 17:06 . All’s well.

kvalidir, //You for a kick off Naomi tbh.//

I’d hazard a guess that you’ve said more than me about Muslims recently…. but I’m clearly not saying what you want to hear.

spath, // i'm sure if someone of the Islam faith reads this thread, they may find some offensive stereotypes also.//

AnswerBank does have some Muslim members who have entered into very many discussions here, You wouldn’t believe some of the things they’ve said…. you really wouldn’t.
The term racist is used to stop debate by classifying certain views as morally abhorrent, Dunnitall. You dismiss certain views as morally repugnant and, therefore, you never need to examine arguments or evidence in support of such views.

You see it here, and on the other thread about the rape gang sentences.

The other technique is to conflate all criticism of Islam with an attack on Muslims. You only have to look a little above to see examples . It's Newmanism: "So what you're saying is...[not what you're saying, but what it's easy for me to attack]".
Thanks for answering VE of course you're correct..... Get the facts wrong and turn them to one's advantage to score points even though they do not mean a jot to the point one is making. Uh uh. Same old, same old, no wonder decent debate IMO is dead in the water here...sigh.
Dunnitall, //Islam is not a race it's a religion//

Absolutely right. Islam is a worldwide brotherhood that doesn't acknowledge borders. Muslims are Muslim first and patriots second. It is the DUTY of every Muslim to advance the interests of Islam.
Naomi....yes of course that's what they do.... That's their plan for their 'brotherhood' and religion. I read somewhere they aim to take over the world with this so that Sharia Law will become more prolific in every country of the world. Seems now they may be getting some way forward.... We never heard of Islam as much 'in my day'....
You read right, dunnitall.
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My point has again been proved. The latest Muslim grooming gang to be jailed...... only two papers have reported it. One referee to them as Asian and the other never mentioned their ethnicity at all...... why only two papers?? And why refer to them as Asians?? Asians includes sikhs, Hindus, and several others. But one thing I'm sure even all you lefties can't argue with (but I'm sure you will) all these grooming gangs are Muslim. And "muslim" is a very significant point which should be mentioned!!
The "religion" of these people is avoided more and more.... The left wing idiotic BBC seems to avoid reporting these things. Sky news reports anything involving Muslims in such a way that Islam appears the victim! I remember one report on the London bridge terror attack was trying to blame the police... the Muslim involved was rebelling against police racism.... yeah right, typical left wing appeasers!!
I remember one particular case several years ago..... Kriss Donald. Beaten, stabbed, and set on fire by a gang of Muslims...... apparently they were just Asian! And it definitely wasn't a racist attack!!! Imagine if the victim was Asian.... it would have definitely been an anti Muslim attack AND racist!!!
Oops..... nearly forgot........ in my honest opinion!
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My point exactly spath.... why mention "Asian"? Race is not important here. But "muslim" is very important..... because it's a muslim thing. And just saying "asian" also casts a shadow over sikhs and Hindus etc!!
Having looked through this thread, I wonder how many people on here have actually lived and worked in areas with high immigrant populations, like I have. I've said this before on here and I'll say it again; you have no idea what it's like to be amongst it on a daily basis. No idea.
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Spath, you feel that you do what? Have some idea? Have you had close dealings with these people? Living and working amongst them? Have you had racist insults hurled at you when you are just doing your job?
Have you been told by immigrants that you can't report them because they will say you were being racist? Have you been attacked and verbally abused by immgrants whilst working? In one area near here, utility workers won't go in and effect any repairs unless it's between the hours 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and only with a police escort. Do you have some idea now Spath? Why have you not heard of any of this, do you think? I could tell you even more things but I'm sure someone would delete my responses. I expect this to get deleted.
I've often been rent collecting with and or for my Dad in Spark Hill (Birmingham) so I have and you're still chatting toss.
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My mistake jno..... 4 news papers. I actually got the "2 news papers" from LBC this morning!
I've just had a quick look through those.... but I didn't see the word "muslim". If it's there I'm sure you'll correct Me!!! But all I could we was "grooming gang"!
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I didn't see the word 'Pakistani' either . ^^^

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