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thejudderman | 06:23 Wed 13th Jun 2018 | Religion & Spirituality
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Why does the government or any one else in authority, even answerbank admin suppress anyone's opinion that shows Islam for what it is??


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"Spath..... That is what my original post said.... actually I said "I think" rather than "in my opinion"...... which is the same thing I'm sure you'll agree!"

Write to the Ed, I'm sure if your answer was unfairly removed they will be happy to reinstate it. However, considering no one knows who the Editor, or potential Editors are, you best hope one isn't a Muslim... Ay?
"am I not allowed to say that Islam is an evil savage ideology with intentions of world domination? "
No you're not allowed to say that because it isn't true.
Strangely you are allowed to say Islam is the religion of peace- which also isn't true. In reality it's more about derogation rather then telling the truth.
If you research the Pew polls regarding Muslim attitudes to homosexuality, women, sharia, suicide bombers etc etc you will find a shockingly high percentage of Muslims worldwide, including the U.K. where Muslims express values contra to British values.
A minority, yes, but translate that into numbers and it is extremely concerning.
And just look at their track record?
Spath, //What you CAN say is:

In my personal opinion...//

Nonsense, If it wasn't his personal opinion he wouldn't be saying it. As Jim says, he can say what he likes. Whether what he says remains here is another matter entirely.
Here's a verifiably true statement: Islam allows the enslavement and rape of non-Muslim women.

That statement is not equivalent to the verifiably false statement that all Muslims are rapists.

Nor is it an incitement to hatred or violence against any Muslim.

At a push you might infer that it is an incitement to hatred or violence against rapists. In which case it could be seen as an infringement of Site Rules. But only at a push, right?

To answer your question thejudderman, in my opinion, we are way to daft in this country sadly and let all and sundry walk all over us. We need to get a bloody backbone, but we never will.
Question Author
Oh dear!! I did NOT say every Muslim is an evil savage! I said i think Islam is an evil savage ideology! Obviously there are decent Muslims. Just the same as there were decent Germans in ww2. And I agree there are some dodgy priests!
And in my honest opinion.... and many millions of others, Islam's intention is world domination..... just like the Nazis.
The only difference is, Islam is doing it stealthily! Which in my and millions of others opinion is what all these boat loads of "refugees" is...... invasion!!!! But in my honest opinion all the lilly livered lefty governments all over most of europe are to stupid to grasp!!
In my honest opinion were all doomed..... and free speech is the first thing to crumble....... just like it did with the Nazis. The big difference being, the Nazis did it all by them selves, with a little help from appeasers like Neville Chamberlain of course. Islam is actually being helped by most European governments!!!
And we are all being silenced and branded racist is we object.... and in a lot of cases flung in jail if we dare speak out....... I'm my honest opinion!
Question Author
I agree 100% hereIam.
Do you feel better for having got that off your chest?
"Nonsense, If it wasn't his personal opinion he wouldn't be saying it. As Jim says, he can say what he likes. Whether what he says remains here is another matter entirely."

Why be daft for antagonistic sakes? We all know AB doesn't like to 'imply' things, which is why my stance on the royals is silenced! If people come here for answers, and see that kind of tripe, they may take it for fact, so we nee to say things like 'in my opinion' so that worry isn't on ABs shoulders, or so i have been told.
"Islam's intention is world domination"

LOL then they are failing, massively.
He ought to feel better, jackthehat, because he's right.
So you actually think there is some sort of covert communication between all of these fleeing people and actually it's an invasion Judderman? I haven't heard anything so ridiculous since someone I knew's father said people who opened Chinese takeaways were all sleeper cells waiting to inflict communism on us when they received the word. I mean really?
Thanks judderman. Agree naomi.
Also, what the left 'think' is moot, because the right are in government, so they shall be controlling our borders so they will decide in and out and where and when.
spath, he can say what he likes. Exactly what he likes. I repeat, whether what he says remains here is another matter.
Kval i've been scouted as a sniper to sit in Southampton taking them out as they try to 'invade'. I've been here since the referendum, and so far, i've shot a seagul because it had some seaweed on its head, resembling a hijab.
Well if you want to be pedantic Naomi, what he says won't make it here, as he is probably typing, unless he is using a phone with a voice translator system which translates voice to type. So yes, he can say what he wants, but if he doesn't record it with the specified software, it wont get translated onto the AB.
Very true Naomi, and I'm sure the owners of the site are just thrilled at the downturn in traffic and members leaving because everything and I mean EVERYTHING comes back to Muslims for some users.
kvalidir, no covert communication required. It’s all there in black and white for anyone who cares to read it. Sadly most do not, preferring instead to air misinformed assumptions.

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