F A O Theland. Why I Dont Believe

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nailit | 18:16 Mon 30th Apr 2018 | Religion & Spirituality
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In the Christian God.
Theland, you are always extorting ABers to 'look it up' with regards to the Bible and Christianity. And you seem to have a distorted view of non-believers. I would ask YOU to consider why people (like me) reject the Bible.
As a teenager, I became an evangelical Christian, of the born again variety. In my early 20's I seriously began to question my faith. I was an avid reader and read everything that I could get my hands on regard the Bible, apologetics, church history, Biblical archaeology, Bible commentaries etc. However over time I had to accept that my faith was based on nothing except a bunch of ancient, contradictory manuscripts. I questioned what was been preached from the pulpit. Hell, I questioned everything!
I prayed that if the Bible was the word of God that he would show me, unequivocally, that it was. He didn't. I left.
I am not a non believer because I want to sin
I am not a non believer because I'm in rebellion
I am not a non believer because Ive had bad experiences of church
I am not a non believer because I choose to be
I am a non believer in the Christian God because that's where my questioning led me.
Now at 52, I wonder just how I ever believed such junk as found in the Bible.
The Bible insults my Intelligence, My moral code, My sense of justice.
Do I have all the answers to life's big questions? No. Why would I be so arrogant as to think I did? But because humans know so little, that doesn't mean that we should go running to some ancient manuscripts written by bronze age, desert dwelling goat herders in the middle east thousands of years ago for answers.

Seriously Theland, take a break from You Tube evangelists and open your mind a bit. Question a little. (maybe even try to answer some of the questions put to you by fellow ABers without feeling persecuted)


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Thought it was a reasonable question. How do you know that your beliefs are biblical when you havnt read it?
Whats a game about that?
Actually Nailit, it IS a reasonable question.
I believe in what I think I know to be true, based on the New Testament.
I DONT believe in men's wisdom, that add on or take away from the message. Simple as that.
By the way - A successful thread. Coming up to 200 posts. A medal for you I think.
Question Author
//Coming up to 200 posts//
And most of them posts are coming from myself asking you how you know your beliefs are biblical when you havnt read it and posts from you evading the question.
Actually Nailit, I confess to not having read it all. Only about half of proverbs, not quite all the psalms, not all of all the prophets. But it's not a marathon. Not cover to cover and then forget what's been read. Read most of the New Testament several times and all of it at least once or twice. Often log,on to bible study for in depth views on different passages. Always try to understand what has been read, not just tick off the pages as a job well done and then forget it. That does nothing.
So compared to a marathon runner who has read it cover to cover and then slammed it shut, I guess I am seriously wanting. But Impray for understanding and slowly but surely by Gods grace I am getting there.
I realise of course that this leaves me open to criticism and mockery, but this the way I conduct my Christian walk through life.
Theland, //Naomi - For starters, you claimJesus was married, and did not die on the cross.
That's pretty basic stuff. //

I don't know what you mean by 'pretty basic stuff'. You asked for my opinion - I've given it.
Who was the scholar that gave you that little gem?
Theland, me.
Best laugh I've had in a long time. Some great responses from OP, Naomi, & several others, especially Kidas @ 13:40. However, I don't have the patience to follow this to the end.
Tambo's avatar is somewhat troubling - take a closer look. Not sure how to interpret this statement: "My only crime is speeding."
Douglas @ 07:59 - I think they missed it.
"ad homonym attack" was priceless.

Like some, I realized what a crock it all was at an early age. No need to expound on my epiphany. Now my faith is here, Pastafarianism:
& pirates. (I have pictures!)

Perhaps one should just ignore Theland's posts. Responses are just encouragement. Maybe a future career as a TV preacher.
"Free steak knives for a Fellowship gift of £ xx.xx"

If you believe, have a love-in; if not, who cares & why bother.
Now, where was that Xword puzzle link I started on?

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F A O Theland. Why I Dont Believe

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