Fao Theland End Of Time Is On Hold. ( Again!)

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EDDIE51 | 08:58 Fri 13th Apr 2018 | Religion & Spirituality
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The End of time was due in 10 days but it has been put on the back burner


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And it came to pass....

Actually no, it didn't. :-)

Praise be. :-P
praise be to Allah, the mighty one has saved us to continue his/her work on Earth.
Question Author
The 'Rapture' was actually quite amusing. When the time came all the 'saved souls' were supposed to be suddenly whisked up to Heaven right in front of the eyes of the 'sinners'. While sinners would be left to burn as Earth was consumed in Hell Fire.
This one will join a very long list of failed end of time predictions:
what about that cult in 2012 that persuaded its members to transfer all their assets to them prior to ascending to the mother ship the day before Armageddon! Oh know we woke up the next day skint and our cult leader was off to Vegas! PMSL!
Eddie, this is in the wrong section. Perhaps you'll ask for it to be moved to Religion?
Question Author
Yes, I intended it to go in Religion , finger slipped. Can we move it Ed?
Eddie, the Editor might not see your request here. Best to contact her.
Darn. And I've already bought the superman suit, ready for lift off :-(
From Naomi's link - The year 10 duotrigintillion . . . now that I would wager on.
Crikey! Now ^there's something worth worrying about. ;o)
The end of SOMEBODYS time is looming with all these missiles being locked and loaded like a Hollywood movie. All a bit too knee jerk for me, and all done without U.N. backing.

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Fao Theland End Of Time Is On Hold. ( Again!)

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