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nailit | 22:54 Thu 11th Jan 2018 | Religion & Spirituality
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Has the rapture happened?
Or has reason taken over faith?


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Shhhh !
I will chuckle quietly.....
Question Author
Rapture it is then, surely it cant be reason? Can it???
Question Author
LOL mamy, that's about it...
Why would a Christian bother on here?
So many wait to pounce, simply to ridicule and put us on trial.
I'll be back to post when the telly is rubbish, when I get bored with my new fire stick off Father Christmas, and when I run out of beer tokens.
Until then, talk amongst yourselves.
Mind you, maybe a few of the better off are away skiing at the moment. Slipping on their butts and sipping glauvine. Or whatever that posh plonk is called.
Take care John.
Theland, you wanted a discussion here:

You went so far as to say you welcome the challenge. Others were there but where were you?
A decent post theland. :-)
The quieter the better as far as I am concerned. All it consists of is exchanges between the religious and the non-religious. Both sides have entrenched positions and are very unlikely to change their viewpoint. To that extent it can hardly be called 'debate'. Once you have seen both sides of the argument you have seen them all. Repetitive hardly describes it. It must be the most tedious topic on AB.
Agree Jack, its a topic I would rarely post in, do you believe in God a) yes. b) no. Easy .
// It must be the most tedious topic on AB.//

Brexit deffo

No, Nailit I think we can agree that the Rapture has NOT occurred as I think there is a strict time sequence that happens after that

Nicholas Cage has been making a few films on rapture because he needs the money apparently

In the southern baptist belt - you can choose a rapture church or not. They have lists. I clearly would be choosing a non rapture church halleujah baby!
Yes but all I got was the assumption that NO THING was split into positive and negative by quantum fluctuation. Which is in itself SOME THING.
Forever gating halfway through a post only for it to disappear and be told the page has to be reloaded.
The only web site I use where this happens. Satan at work.
If it's not the rapture, could be a break for a Kit Kat.
Trump moving embassy. Muslim countries outraged. O.I.C. threatening war on Israel. Zechariah 12 prophecy coming true.
Many end times prophecies on you tube some rubbish but most kosher. Check out Steve Dunoon.
Going to play in Chit chat bank.
I live next to a Church of England. It would be better used as a bingo hall. Empty usually, not even enough people fotmSunday Evensong. So sad. The C of E has lost its way with Ecumenism, political correctness, and forgetting the gospel. How can they evangelise and fill the pews?
Theland //The C of E has lost its way with Ecumenism, political correctness, and forgetting the gospel. //

Many people have found their own way, no longer terrified of burning in hell, having realised what the church calls morality is nothing more than the codified prejudices of ignorant, arrogant, neolithic misogynists.

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All Gone Very Quiet In R&s

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