Where Does Moral Authority Come From If Not From God?

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Theland | 05:02 Tue 14th Nov 2017 | Religion & Spirituality
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There can be no objective moral authority without God.
Without God, what passes for morality becomes purely subjective and chaotic.
How does an atheist identify what is moral authority?


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Definition of moral authority
:trustworthiness to make decisions that are right and good.

So are you suggesting as an atheist I am unable to make a decision that is right or good?

I might as well give up my volunteer work that benefits many because my decision to undertake this work is without "moral authority".

I truly wonder if you understand how your high and mighty stance denigrates many others, or do you consider yourself "appointed by God" to do so?

ps: I don't expect an answer to my questions as AB history reveals a penchant from yourself to only ask and besmirch..
theland you really are an idiot aren't you! You come out with some puerile rubbish and this takes the biscuit.

I've said it before, you're welcome to think what you like, be keep it to yourself.
I think Theland is enquiring about what one bases morality on.

If one checks one finds it isn't unchanging. Different societies accept or reject different things at different times. A dynamic morality seems unlikely from a deity.

Morality evolves from discussion, from peer approval, and it is survival of the fittest morality. Personal morality comes from one's personal consideration of matters. It isn't objective, it is about agreement and is challenged by personal belief. And nothing wrong with that. One learns, one realises things, so morality, hopefully, improves.
Conscience and experience.
//Without God, what passes for morality becomes purely subjective and chaotic. //

Seems to me Theland has already decided.
He usually does, on the grounds that he is the only one that's right.
In my house, I'm the moral authority. (well, until the missus gets home)
People learn morals from other people, not from books.
Sounds about right talbot. :o}
It's ones upbringing that sets moral standards.

Not a deity.
Moral authority? Does that mean that without someone else telling you, as an adult, what to do you would live your life somehow differently? That the God of Abraham is a doyen of morality is one of the greatest lies ever perpetrated. A vain, self-serving, cruel and controlling monster devoid of morality whose track record is worse than abysmal. I seriously can't understand why anyone would admire that.
Well said naomi. this "moral authority" emanate, from a God that doesn't exist ?
Reality is the moral authority, the final arbiter of what's right and wrong through the consequences that follow from doing so. One may choose to ignore the cause but one cannot escape the effect. Life is the standard and reason the means for determining what makes life possible and the choices that ultimately make life worth living.
Seeking unearned rewards beyond the grave comes at the expense of learning to appreciate the value that a life well lived returns to those who have put forth the effort and paid their dues. Ignore reality and it is you, not reality, which will cease to be real. Respect reality and you may find that joy can be much more than merely an illusion, a false hope in an empty promise to be fulfilled beyond the point where reason and the ability to choose to do what is right is no longer an option. That may be your vision of heaven but it is certainly not mine.
Sticking to the law, enriching the lives of others and being a caring person are not the sole province of churchgoers.
I know 2 churchgoers who are morally bankrupt.

Am liking Naomi's answer.
As I said on another thread you don't need religion to have morals.
It comes from the Queen and the Royal Family.
I think the reverse is true ie, god comes from moral authority. An easy way to persuade a group of gullible people to obey a certain moral code is to claim it was decreed by a god who is watching them constantly and will punish them, possibly in a later life, if they don't obey it. A couple of conjuring tricks (burning bush, water into wine etc) to prove your authority and Bob's your uncle.

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Where Does Moral Authority Come From If Not From God?

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