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wildwood | 21:44 Sun 15th Jan 2017 | Religion & Spirituality
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Would any of the good godly AB friends pay any credence to this?

Aren't religious wars a bit old hat now?


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Doesn't appear at all 'warlike' - people believing in the power of prayer is not new.
That’s the whole point ww, its not a war
//Aren't religious wars a bit old hat now?//
It would appear not.....well for at least one "religion" anyway. At least these people are praying for a peaceful event.
No-one in this clip appears to be in the least warlike - quite the opposite.
>>> Aren't religious wars a bit old hat now?

Try simply reading a verse from the Koran in a church, Wildwood!
Yes, buenchico -that one will run and run.....
This is particularly daft, but perhaps not so much in America.

These poor, deluded people are not doing anybody any harm , except perhaps oo their own intellectual credibility, so let them carry on.
All that money spent on the Star Wars project and all they needed was a prayer shield.
Heads should roll.
I always think that when people like these are relying on prayer to cure the worlds ills, that something more useful isn't being done instead.

It seems like a licence to waste precious time to me.

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