Do You Believe Your God To Be Omnipotent?

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Quizproquo | 23:32 Wed 21st Sep 2016 | Religion & Spirituality
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I was looking at paradoxes today and one came up about god. I assume it applies to the Abrahamic god but I'm sure it applies to many others.
In the bible god is omnipotent. He has total power and control over everything and his power knows no bounds, so here is the paradox:

Can god make a stone so huge and great that even he is unable to lift it?

If he can make such a stone, he cannot lift it and is therefore limited in his power, so is not omnipotent.
If he can lift the stone, then he cannot make one too heavy for himself to lift and is therefore not omnipotent

This is a seemingly reasonable analogy/metaphor so if you believe god to be all powerful, how do you square this?


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birdie; Well I never! and there was I thinking a paradox was two doctors.
Of course there is no paradox really ....
Omnipotent God? Nah!!
Question Author
This has been really interesting to read, so thank you to all who have responded.
From my own point of view, I was brought up in a wishy washy catholic household and was always taught that god is both omnipotent and omnipresent, both by priests and other believers.
To say, as one poster has, that god can create as big a stone as he likes and still to be able to lift any stone he likes misses the point.
He can either make a stone too heavy for him to lift or he can't. For there to be a choice means that god is not omnipotent.
For me it doesn't matter because I am a firm atheist but to see you rationalising it has been interesting so thank you.
Quizproquo; Your 'paradox' neither proves nor disproves anything, it is as I said early on, based on a false premise and cannot be taken seriously (I think I said it was infantile), we cannot set puny hypothetical tests.
We cannot say "God exists" and "we exist" in anything like the same way, we cannot argue from one to the other - from our being to that of God.
God is unknown and unknowable, a mystery. When we are aware of this it generates awe, reverence and an admission of incomprehension.
Augustine said, "if you comprehend it, it is not God" and, invenitur quaerendus - "he is found in order to be sought".
yeah and he cant lift the stone
he cant see what is under it and so cant be omnipotent sorry omniscient

go on reading the bible .....
Bring on the clowns .....
Khandro - “... God is unknown and unknowable, a mystery. When we are aware of this it generates awe, reverence and an admission of incomprehension...”

What utter hyperbole. Faith is belief without evidence. Nothing more and nothing less.

The fact that you believe – good for you. I'm glad it gives your life meaning. Your personal belief means nothing to me, hence the following.

I have no problem with those who are delusional about an eternal afterlife. If that comforts you and/or if it floats your boat, good luck to you. Fill your boots.

But let's be honest about this. There's no evidence of an “afterlife”. There's not a single shred of evidence that suggests we continue to 'exist' after our corporeal expiration. There's not a single shred of proof that we “go” anywhere when we shuffle off. Not one. It would be nice to think that we continue our existence in some other reality but this is just wishful thinking.

Clearly, not having experienced death, I cannot know for sure what happens after one expires. But the arrogance of those haven't expired and yet claim to know *for certain* what happens after others die is a sick joke.
If I were to pray (and I don't very often) it would be, 'Please God, spare me from bores and rationalists'.
Can't see your prayer being answered, Khandro. ;o)
n. I'm afraid you're right. :0(
Never mind, Khandro. Look on the bright side. You may eventually see the light. :o)

Sorry to bore you with rationalism and reality old chap. Live your life in a fantasy world if you like. Just do the rest of us a favour and stop trying to convince us that your fantasy is a reality.
naomi: I appears your prophecy 9:15 Wed. is correct.

birdie: //stop trying to convince us that your fantasy is a reality.//
How certain are you that your 'reality' isn't a phantasy and you are not a prisoner in Plato's cave?
Question Author
Khandro I am with Birdie for the most part. The onus is on believers to prove the existence of god and so far I have seen no evidence,
Atheism is not a lack of belief, or a belief that there is no god, it's a disbelief based on a lack of evidence.
Show me anything that will prove to me there is a god and I will change my stance on the matter.
Religious people don't follow the same system. they will insist something unprovable exists and cite faith as their reasoning.
Forgive me if I find this nonsensical.

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