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22:52 Sun 10th Apr 2016
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Something that I had long suspected.
This is the word of the lord.
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JWs not very bright?
This is from the USA - are there similar statistics from the UK?
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I've no idea maggie, I just grabbed the first one that conformed with my preconceptions :-)
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Not shown on this chart but scientologists are well down the pile. Poor old goodlife, it doesn't look good for him after all.
Stand by for a "ah, but " communication from goodlife.
My stratagem seems to be working.
Any communication from Goodlife won't be from Goodlife. No mystery there.
Is Goodlife from the USA then? Honest question - I didn't know if so.
He once said he's Chinese, but who knows?
Oh , how exotic.
I find it both disappointing and interesting that there isn't an "atheist" category in this survey. I get that the title of the Gantt Chart is, "Educational Ranking by Religious Groups" but even so, I would have thought that the creators of such a graph would have considered the 'null hypothesis'.

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