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nailit | 20:13 Mon 25th May 2015 | Religion & Spirituality
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Why do religious people think that we have a CHOICE in what we believe or dont believe?
I had an interesting conversation this morning with a couple of door knocking JW's. Unlike most people I actually enjoy a bit of banter with them when they come knocking, actually makes me feel good that I'm relatively sane when they've gone.
The conversation went along the lines that we have a choice to accept (their version of ) God. I pointed out that belief is not a choice, I cant make myself believe something that I find patently absurd. My present beliefs (religious, political or otherwise) are based on my level of understanding to date aquirred through knowledge and experience. They then talked about the need for repentance when I pointed out that that in itself is a belief...and one that I dont share as I dont see myself as a sinner in need of forgiveness from some deity. They seemed a bit aghast at that. I pointed out that I was quiet aware of my shortcomings but that wasnt the same thing as sin, which is an alien concept to me.
What I didnt point out to them was that I went through a religious period in my teenage years but eventually had to give it up as I valued truth over doctrine...I couldnt 'make' myself believe what I was been taught anymore than I could still believe in Santa.

I just wondered if any religious ABers (goodlife, keyplus etc) can grasp the concept that non believers are not non believers by choice but by understanding, experience and knowledge?


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Jom, no one has asked Khandro for concrete evidence - just an explanation of what he thinks you don’t understand would move the discussion along – but, alas, that isn’t forthcoming. I'm not sure he knows what he's talking about himself. I think he's a hopeless case.
Naomi, I don't think he is hopeless, he has no problem asking for scientific informtion when it suits him. He just enjoys playing 'intellectual' games the purpose of which we can only surmise...
nailit @ What Is Sin?

Does is that mean that man was created a sinner? No,

One of factor that makes it difficult for people to accept the concept of original sin is what the churches have taught about it.

Did you know Sin occurred first in the spirit realm. Before the creation of the earth and man.

But if you got understanding, experience and knowledge,you should know.
//Did you know Sin occurred first in the spirit realm. Before the creation of the earth and man.//

Oh my.... and that comes from 'understanding, experience and knowledge'. Mmmm ....
So god invented sin then?
God invented everything - allegedly.
And that comes from 'understanding, experience and knowledge'.you are a poor show.
Goodlife, we know. You keep telling us. Why don't you offer some tangible evidence of your 'understanding, experience and knowledge'? That would help.
[email protected] You know those who do not consider God readily draw wrong conclusions from the things that they observe.
Goodlife, personally I think people who assume they know God are readily drawing conclusions from the things they don’t observe.
God created sin as an unintended consequence of creating nice people. For them to be nice there had to be nasty also either to mantain univeral symmetry or as a comparator. He ain't as clever as he thinks he/she is.
I wonder if god is moonlighting as goodlife's optometrist.

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