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Jackietwirl | 21:53 Wed 17th Dec 2014 | Religion & Spirituality
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In China it's considered a bad omen if you eat what common breakfast food on New Years day ?


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Interesting link. Was not aware Buddhists had a God(s). Thought that they believed in an impersonal force driving everything on.
Ty for the fascinating link.
New Years Day in China sounds like barrel of fun.
"No porridge because it's the food of the poor". That shouldn't bother many chinese as I presume most start each day with champagne and caviar.
"No hair-washing, clothes washing or sweeping". Sounds like our house!
"No needle work" - so that's acupuncure up the spout.
"Death" is hardly a good subject with which to chat about at the dining table unless someone is choking.
"A woman may not leave the house" - so the brothels should do good business!
Sure "keeping married daughters way" might well mean she's just "on-the make" but she shouldn't leave the house anyway. Big family trouble there.
One has to admire chinese wisdom...err, maybe.


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Chinese Omen

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