Does Anyone Know Why The Apostles Had Western Sounding Names Coming

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Lurcher100 | 11:07 Tue 30th Sep 2014 | Religion & Spirituality
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from that region? Are these translations?


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this might be of interest
11:27 Tue 30th Sep 2014
As the Bible was translated into English, it is unlikely that the names they are known by are their original ones.
They must be. But remember a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
They're all translations - if you go round European churches they have names appropriate to that country.
It makes one wonder why no-one is refffered to as Bob.
Whacked on the head by a sandle... ?
Is there a Kevin in there somewhere?
Yes, each translated bible in every language gives names appropriate to that language.
///It makes one wonder why no-one is referred to as Bob.///
or brian
There are 12 disciples/apostles/followers in many other religions before the Christian version and they all had different names. The Christian names are ones suitable to the times and so people will relate easier.
janbee, I don't know if there is a Kevin in the bible, but there is a St Kevin.

What's wrong with that? Haven't you ever seen what Jesus look like? Wasn't he Western?
don't know never met any of them to ask!
//If this guy dont know!!!! //

Excuse me -, don't attribute language like that to me !!!
Question Author
Thanks everyone for your answers serious & comical.
Bazile, you said it!! lol
They are probably anglicised versions of the original.
Just come across this question.... for centuries ? maybe ... people have named their children after biblical characters... ( apostles , old testament and new testament figures alike )..... and this tradition has stuck . I can't help wondering if you have got the reasoning behind your question " backwards " so to speak ... Not wanting to sound mocking , but it reminds me of the famous/infamous 1970's joke - " If Jesus was Jewish then why does he have a Mexican name "... Anyway , All the best..
Anglicisation, puere and simple. I cannot get my head around this modern fashion of spelling names as they sound in the original language. For example, the first five Kings of Spain named Philip are referred to as Philip I - Philip V, yet the current King is referred to as Felipe VI.

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Does Anyone Know Why The Apostles Had Western Sounding Names Coming

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