The Human Species And Religion

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nailit | 18:12 Sun 24th Aug 2014 | Religion & Spirituality
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Why are humans the only animal to have evolved with a religious nature?
As much as we might 'rubbish' religion, we cant escape the fact that humans, by and large, have a religious nature and a need for religious ritual.
Is it something to do with having a conscience? Do animals have a conscience? Why have only humans developed a conscience?
I'm not religious in any way and if asked would describe myself as agnostic but leaning towards atheism, but cant help wondering why humans are so different from other species of life forms.
Humans can reason, talk (and learn the language of others) and invent things. We are the only animals that cook food, wear clothes and finds cures for natural diseases. In addition we are the only animal that has sexual fetishes...never seen a chimp with a can of whipped cream, a baboon with a porno dvd collection or a gorilla with a gimp mask. Going of the point a bit but why are humans so different from animals and why have we developed religious rituals? No other animal fights over whose God is the right God.


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goodlife //Many people observe the design in nature and yet do not believe in the existence of a Designer, a Creator //

// So it is obvious that human efforts alone have not succeeded in finding the truth about life, and it seems that they never will. //

I take that as an admission that there is NO PROOF that a God, Creator , or It, exists outside our minds.

There is however an infinite number of failed prayers to indicate that whatever you imagine 'It' might be , 'It' has no influence on our lives beyond
our own wishful thinking.

Which as keyplus puts it .//............ being born with a religious inclination or interest. And that inclination is towards religion or God is due to the soul we human are given. //
May I point out keyplus that Religion or Interest has been for good and evil , throughout history , and it is self generated within us , not by prayer and divine intervention.
goodlife //I think it is ironic that you call me prejudiced when really it is the other way round. I am not prejudiced, //

You certainly are prejudiced.

prejudice: preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience
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Thanks for all replies so far. All very interesting reading.

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The Human Species And Religion

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