Who Wrote The Gospels ?

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modeller | 20:11 Wed 09th Apr 2014 | Religion & Spirituality
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My granddaughter goes to a C of E school and amongst her RE homework were two questions which she apparently got wrong, despite the fact she had asked her Sunday School teacher.

1. What is meant by ' The Gospel Truth '.
2. Who wrote the 4 Gospels ?

I know the answers but I don't ever interfere and in any case I'm not sure what the school is looking for.
What do you think ?


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2 Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
It wasn't me sir, honest!
1.gospel truth

Something that is unquestionably true. For example, Every word he uttered was the gospel truth . The word gospel , which comes from the Old English god spel , "good news," has been used to describe something that is thought to be as true as the biblical gospel (that is, undeniably true) since the 13th century. The current idiom originated in the 1600s, when it referred to biblical truths, and has been applied to truth of a more general nature since the late 1800s
1. Any old tosh.
2. Nobody knows.
Modeller you're being a little disingenuous ( again ) here

As someone in another thread where you were arguing the toss over details of Hebrew in the OT - you er know who wrote the 4 Gospels.

The Gospel truth means here - the unvarnished revealed, true truth - as revealed by God in the Gospels. Phrase dates from the time when the Gospels were word for word true.

Writers of the Gospels - at skool - must mean Mt Mk, Luke and Jn.
I think the kids probably said they were the 4 apostles and not evangelists.
Or the evangelists were apostles. I can remember my surprise when I was told at 12 they were nt the same. It was Pappius wasnt it, who wrote that Mark had followed Peter around in Rome noting down what he said in particular order, but that Peter was aware what he was doing and raised no objection ?
I dont think skool kids are reqd to know that sort of detail.
I lost a quiz once by 1 point.
I put 'glad tidings' down for meaning of gospel.
quiz guy, 'no, it was 'good news'
me, 'what d'you think 'glad tidings' means?'
qg, 'dunno, summit to do with christmas'
Question Author
The point is , who were M,M,L and John ? All the Gospels were written decades after the death of Christ i,e between 30 to 80 years later, in Greek.
Some historians put them even later. When one remembers the disciples were ordinary illiterate people speaking Aramaic, as were the great majority of the Jews. If this is true who did write the Gospels ?
i don't get what you are asking. First you say you know the answers. then you ask for the answers. Are you saying that the teacher said that MML and J were wrong?
ps what does the teacher say the right answer is? Surely everyone in the class must have got that question wrong?
Matt, Mark, Luke, and John were the amanuenses, what they penned were the words of God.
Gospel truth is plain unvarnished truth.
What did your granddaughter give as the answers, and were they hers or did you 'help' her?
If god wanted us to know the answers to those questions he would have made them quite clear. As it isn't obvious what the answers are then it is also obvious that god doesn't want us to know the answers, therefore to try and find the answers is to go against the will of god. Isn't that the way it works?
Goodlife wrote the gospels - or he think he did.

Sorry, modeller, got that wrong. He 'cut and pasted' them.
Question Author
peter . I hadn't heard about Pappius. I did read that Mark got some info.
from Peter but the others wrote their Gospels much later therefore it was all hearsay. Which comes back to the original question , who actually wrote the Gospels, and why did they assume the disciples names.
well as you know the answer, tell us!
Question Author
hc 4361 No I didn't 'help' ! I never interfere with the way the school or my daughter choose to teach her. I only heard about it in passing from my daughter .
Question Author
black cat . All I know/understand is that they were supposedly written by four Greeks and were first put together by the scholar Ireanes between AD 140 and 180. but I doubt that is what the school wanted. John's Gospel wasn't written by a single person but compiled by the Johaness Society. That's why its content differs so much from the others.
Is the answer 'Stephen King'
//Who Wrote The Gospels ?//

No one knows.
Oops Modeller - the evangelists were different to the apostles ( of that name ) - see your last post. Perhaps that is why she got marked ha! down.

The difficulty about saying Mark didnt write Mark -is OK who did then ?
Well why dont we call him for the sake of argument er Mark [rather than Wayne] and distinguish him from the evangelist of whom we know nothing by calling him deutero-Mark ( about we only know what Pappius said and otherwise about whom we know nothing ] ]

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