Noah. Will This Film Serve In Two Ways?

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sandyRoe | 09:21 Tue 01st Apr 2014 | Religion & Spirituality
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The first will demonstrate to climate change deniers that in the past man's actions have had consequences for the entire world and could again.
The second, no less important, could show to those who dismiss the bible as myth that it had answers for the problems then and could guide us now.


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Och Sandy, wheesht now. Huntigowk
09:44 Tue 01st Apr 2014
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There'd have been no need for shovelling it with a carefully designed boat. The animals would have been taken up on deck for a breath of fresh air and to do whatever they needed to do.
Drainage holes in the gunnels would have allowed their business to run off into the sea.
Ah! Smelly nontheless. I would have thought that man's interference in the pollution of the planet would have been fairly minimal in biblical times, maybe just the odd forge and anvil here and there accelerating the climate change. But just in case it happens again:
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Smelly it may have been. Nonetheless, I'd rather be a passenger waist deep in a boat load of poo than be washed clean away by the inundation.
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I couldn't think of the bon mot last night, it's 'scuppers'. ^
If god had understood procreation it would have been better to have had 2 pregnant females instead of a male and a female :o)
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Not necessarily. Imagine there'd been two pregnant brontosauri on the Ark and in due course they'd produced litters of daughters. Extinction would have been as sure as it was when they were left behind.
Sometimes you should hpjust take a minute. Step back. And think....
Is this really a good use of my time and intellect.
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if I wasn't here at the computer I'd be sitting staring vacantly into space
I wish he hadn't saved Tineola bisselliella - the common clothes moth, I've just discovered two favourite Italian pullovers, one cashmere and the other merino wool, full of holes and I fear there will be more to come.
Noah's actions can be seen in comparison to our attempts to save endangered species; pandas and tigers etc. I wish we could have the similar success as he did, but unless we address the human over-population of the planet, these noble efforts are ultimately doomed.
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Sometimes biodiversity can be a curse as well as a blessing. I confess, I can't see what useful place the head louse has in the scheme of things.
That's because you are not a head louse - or are you??
Head lice reproduce very rapidly, so it stands to reason that Noah and his family must have been been pretty itchy - and they had to keep all animals alive so they couldn’t even attempt to rid themselves of infestation!

Now there’s a thought. We wonder how the ark could possibly have contained all the animals it is reputed to have held, but after a year or so afloat, and with animals doing what animals do, I wonder how many the ark eventually became home to?

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I'm prepared to defer to your greater biblical knowledge, but if it only rained for 40 days and nights would the subsequent inundation have lasted so long?
Estimates vary, but Genesis 8.5 says:

//And the waters decreased continually until the tenth month: in the tenth month, on the first day of the month, were the tops of the mountains seen.//

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Thank you, Naomi.
This drifts away from the original question. We all know that some devout Muslims memorise the entire Koran, are there Christians who have done the same with their holy book?
well I loved Noah and his ark when I was little. Jonah? and the whale, brilliant. I don't think these stories did us any harm and we didn't really,really believe them at 5/6years old. Unlike Father Christmas who we knew was real.
sandyRoe, Some people claim to have memorised the New Testament, but I’m not sure that anyone claiming to have memorised the complete bible can be taken seriously.

The Koran is shorter than the New Testament, so nowhere near as lengthy as the complete bible.
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You can't mean they'd only pretend to commit the word of God to memory, can you?
There must be an obscure sin there somewhere.
The Koran is also extremely repetitive.

It is as thought it is nothing more than the ravings of a mentally ill person.

Oh that's right, it is.
The Koran is written in a very simple style, its content, in the main, misappropriated from the bible and from the works of the Ancient Greeks. Mohammed was no fool - he was a wily old merchant.

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Noah. Will This Film Serve In Two Ways?

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