If You - How Recognize The Resurrection Of The Soul

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locusts | 16:31 Thu 14th Feb 2013 | Religion & Spirituality
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if the soul goes to heaven ?????

These four people /returns to life /

represent people who had died

Jesus have been dead for three days and was resurrect //
to life as a spirit..
he did not go to heaven //straight away-
it was 40 days later he arrived in heaven

John 20- 17 where the go --??????????

1 Lazarus has been / death //for four days /and then-
resurrected to life ?
John -11 . 21--26 No comment about heaven

2 little girl of 12 was resurrected from the death.
A possibility/death / for two day's
Mark 5-41 - Luke 8 -- 51 No comment about heaven

3---- a young man // in his early 20 //death// approximately two day's
and return from the death. to life
Luke 7 -10 No comment about heaven

4 -/ Peter resurrected Tabitha from death
acts 9—39 No comment about heave
All these people who had died...
And the church say we all go to heaven.

With a great experience of see their Creator or god

Matthew 10:28) And do not become fearful of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul
; but rather be in fear of him that can destroy both soul and body in Ge·hen′na
( pit grave sheol back to the dust)

Acts 3:23) Indeed, any soul that does not listen to that Prophet will be completely destroyed from among the people.

who will be resurrected


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Prove your own thesis, we have no soul, only an idiot idea dreamed up by ignorant people in ancient times ------- Move on
This is the year 2013?

Do you really believe these fairy stories written thousands of years ago?

Why on earth are they still important to you.
Amazing information. How do you know all this? Was it in the news? I must have missed it.
Oh no that's right it's in a story book isn't it and there's me thinking it was all true.
For the sake of discussion we assume "souls" go somewhere once they no longer animate bodies here.

For the sake of discussion we will assume your above quotes are valid and not the imagination of someone wishing to convince others of their own religious beliefs.

Even is Jesus had been dead for three days before something called a resurrection occurred, it doesn't mean he didn't go to wherever (call it heaven) immediately; it could be that he merely took a day trip back for the occasion.

Similarly even if we assume Lazarus has not simply in a coma and had been dead, it doesn't mean you know where he was in the meanwhile. He may have been called back somehow. (Although the coma thing seems more likely to me.)

Also your little girl story. Same thing. You now not where she was.

And your young man story.

And again your Tabitha story.

What it does tell me is that your gospel writers either didn't know where the subject of the story was either, or they thought it so obvious it wasn't worth noting. I can not assume they were aware of the heaven thing being false, there is nothing to suggest that.

Ah how easy it is to frighten the public with tales of, "If you dare not believe my version of things it will be the worst for you".
As mentioned by VHG, the Bible WAS written thousands of years ago and is still going strong. I do admit there are things in it which are hard to understand but if one believes they have soul - what happens to it when you die??? (for those who have mentioned souls).
Obviously jesus didn't have a separate soul, since he went to heaven in his actual body.
@ locusts - again ,struggling with the language a little here. I assume you are citing these biblical references as some sort of proof that souls exist or something?

If you, the faithful, wish to use these stories to reinforce your faith, I suppose thats fine - but what they absolutely cannot be considered as is proof of anything at all. The bible is a collection of stories, heavily edited, quite some time after the events described, and written by mankind, so subject to lies, exaggeration, misunderstanding - or just made up.

And although the bible has been around for over a thousand years (?), I am not sure I would describe it as going strong. Over generations, different bits of it keep becoming redundant or fall out of favour. Cultures change, and some of the more xenophobic commentary from within the bible is no longer acceptable to any reasonable person, i would have thought.

The bible becomes less relevant with each passing generation. For me, the idea of an immortal soul, or even a resurrected one, lacks any kind of plausibility, and offering biblical scribblings as some sort of evidence does not change that estimation...
In the unlikely event Jesus went to heaven in his actual body, it doesn't mean he isn't a soul. He just carried on some "luggage" with him. That said, Lord only knows what he will do with something material in a spiritual plane of existence :-) Not going to be a lot of use even if it were possible, which also seems unlikely.
OK, my father told me never to argue about religion and politics so - I give up
As you say Mrs Lulu, it's best not to argue about either of these subjects.
Unbelievers cannot disprove the Bible any more than believers can prove many of the things said.
What is not disputed by learned people, both unbelievers and believers alike, is that around 2000 years ago a man called Jesus walked the earth in and around Palestine with a dozen or so followers and because of his preachings he was tried and crucified.
Whether or not he was the son of God is up to the individual to to decide.
I have my faith and I stand by it. It's what I feel in my heart and it's brought me through some very trying times.

locusts, if you want to try and convert simple people like me you'll have to be a lot clearer.
parkie, //What is not disputed by learned people, both unbelievers and believers alike, is that around 2000 years ago a man called Jesus walked the earth in and around Palestine with a dozen or so followers and because of his preachings he was tried and crucified. //

Sorry to disappoint you, but historically that is very much disputed.
Naomi, if you go into Wikepedia, Historical Jesus, sub heading Historical Elements, there is a lot of information there which helps to confirm what I said.
I agree there is a lot of his life which is disputed but there is still a lot of evidence to confirm his existence as a human being.
Even Islam recognises his existence although, of course he is not deemed to be the son of God by that religion.
Well said parkie! I agree .....
Could you run that past me again please?
and when you do try to be a little clearer as to what you actually mean,
A suggestion for you;
A little more coherent English would be good!
I think it's clear enough Baldric
parkie, I think Baldric may be referring to the OP.
Oops. Sorry Baldric.
Parkie – and Ann - wanting it to be doesn’t make it so. My research into this subject extends rather beyond Wikipedia, and there is no supportable evidence whatsoever for Jesus’ existence – none. Having said that, unlike many of my colleagues, although I don’t believe for a moment he was who you think he was, I do think the man Jesus, upon whose life the popular - and not so popular - myths were subsequently constructed, existed - but of course, since verifiable evidence to confirm he ever lived is nowhere to be found, it cannot be claimed as fact.

//Even Islam recognises his existence// Yes, just as it recognises the existence of other biblical characters – but then the Koran was written hundreds of years after the time of Jesus and its author borrowed predominately from the bible, so in the search for verifiable history, the Koran cannot merit serious consideration.

If Jesus was different, so b eit - and came back to life, or whatever - but the others were humans, and may not have been dead at all, as others have said. No clinical evidence to prove they were dead, Jesus may just have been good at resuscitation skills (and I'm not being flippant).

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