Baptized in the Name of Whom and What?

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goodlife | 15:52 Wed 03rd Oct 2012 | Religion & Spirituality
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Today, millions of people from various backgrounds have learned from the Bible the truth about Jehovah. (Isa. 2:2, 3) Some were atheists or deists, but they became convinced of the existence of a Creator.

Others worshipped a triune god or various idols. Before they learned that Jehovah alone is the almighty God, and they now address him by his personal name. That is in line with the fact that Jesus said his disciples should be baptized in the name of the Father.


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Birdie , Goodlife takes the view that the Bible is a work which is inspired by God , and he qoutes various parts of it and makes various points . I see nothing wrong with that .
What exactly do you want me to do Birdie - do you want me to denounce Goodlife because he hasn't answered my every point in exactly the way that I wanted ? Goodlife isn't on trial here...
08:21 Sun 07th Oct 2012
argorstran. no one has asked you to denounce Goodlife, but it’s somewhat disingenuous to thank him for answers he hasn’t given simply in an effort to be seen to be supporting religion – which is how it appears.
goodlife //NO.But if the Bible’s message is so valuable, why do so many remain blinded to its good news? //

It isn't good news.

The life offered in the Bible is one of extreme subservience to authority where the follower abandons personal responsibility for their actions and replaces it with doctrine written by ignorant misogynist men thousands of years ago.
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I don,t think so, while preaching from door to door, I met a man who became so angry that his lips quivered and his whole body shook,” reports one brother. “I calmly tried to reason with him from the Scriptures, but his anger only intensified. His wife and children joined in berating me, and I knew it was time to leave. I assured the family that I had come in peace and wished to go in peace. I showed them Galatians 5:22 and 23, where love, mildness, self-control, and peace are mentioned. Then I left. Later, while calling on homes across the street, I saw the family sitting on their front steps. They called me over. ‘What now?’ I thought. The man had a jug of cool water and offered me a drink. He apologized for his rudeness and commended me for my strong faith. We parted on good terms. Yes, Because the brother controlled himself and spoke graciously, the outcome was good.
Goodlife, what on earth are you talking about? It seems you've cut and pasted something that has no bearing whatsoever on this discussion.

Perhaps if you try using your own words instead of other people's, your posts might make some sense.
Goodlife's post is a 'copy-n-paste' job from the Watchtower Online Library...

What on earth do you think you're achieving by doing this sort of thing? It's simply pathetic.
Argorstran -

The mindlessness I was referring to was not directed at you specifically. I am well aware of some of your other posts and I certainly don't think you a fool. If you have another look at my post you will see that I am speaking broadly. It was a general comment about, “those who believe” and who applaud other believers irrespective of what they are saying or whether or not they're making any sense. Unfortunately, in this particular thread you have rather tripped yourself up and placed an inadvertent foot into this camp.

Goodlife has completely failed to address your very specific question, let alone answer it. No one is asking you to denounce anyone but falsely praising him for answers he simply has not given does make you look rather fatuous.
goodlife// Ok I gather you are a brother trying to preach here ? am I right ? well I know about the truth & have done for many many years as half of my family are JWs . I have never come across an organisation that contradict themselves as much as the Jehovah witnesses. I wont go into detail as I do respect my loved ones but over the years I personally have witnessed very serious issues that have been swept under the carpet & covered up by several Elders. We are viewed as worldly people ? it is because of this I would rather be a good christian than a false witness.
and as for the watchtower ..... it is being investigated by the USA legal system at present.
ps.... no reply ???? this is The Truth .....continue

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Baptized in the Name of Whom and What?

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