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EcclesCake | 17:19 Thu 05th Apr 2012 | Religion & Spirituality
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I know witnesses do not celebrate Christmas or birthdays, but what about Easter? I need to ring one and am conscious of intruding at Easter time.

I'd appreciate some guidance on the top five subjects to avoid when in a group of witnesses too.

I think this will win the prize for my most bizarre post.


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No we do not celebrate Easter. Jesus commanded that we commemerate his death, which was being done, oddly enough, as you were posting this. Nor do we celebrate most holidays. Many ppl have a biased opinion about us, that praticing our religion is the only thing we have any interest in and I can assure you this is not the case. We have many interests, just as...
20:57 Sat 07th Apr 2012
When they come knocking on your door, do they ever consider the 'nuisance' caused by their visit?
and, don't mention the blood transfusion!
Admitting to being a Born Again Satanist would probably not go down very well either.
Not that I'm suggesting you are, of course.
They don't celebrate Easter. I imagine the reason for your call will determine the conversation.
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Without wanting to be too narky, this is a genuine question.

I will be spending a day with a group of Witnesses in the near future and I'd like not to put my foot in it.
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Thank you Naomi, I'd assumed that was the case but wanted to be absolutely sure.
If you're spending a day with then, perhaps best to steer clear of the subject of religion then - if they'll let you. :o/
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Religion is strictly off the list of conversation topics. I will NOT be recruited!

However, at the end of the day they are people who have views that differ from my own. I know a little about their beliefs and would prefer not to pursue the differences with a believer.

I just want to spend a day cooking and eating food with a group of people who are, like me, interested in food and that is what will unite us.
Good luck with that then!
Alternative conversation topics

Before your visit, become an authorised sales agent for either an insurance company, a utility company or a firm installing double glazing/conservatories.

Become well practised in their sales techniques so you can drop into the conversation riveting questions such as; "and would you like to save money on your electricity bill?" or "have you heard about our Spring cash-back deal?"

Have a great day.
I think Jehovahs Witnesses are no different from any other group of people with a strong belief in something Eccles.
Far from trying your best not to "put your foot in it" with them they would probably enjoy discussing what they do and don't believe in with you.
I would imagine they have a fairly thick skin when it comes to people being rude to them,takes guts to go around knocking on doors when they are fully aware they invite some hostility.
Use the opportunity to find out what they are all about :-)
When you go round to their house, are you required to take with you an elderly person in a wheelchair or a small child?
there goes Eccles, off into the swamp to look for the AB Jehovah's......


But if the bait tempts them out ...

How do you kill 'em?
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I might as well have put this in Chatterbank!

Thank you to those who have tried to help!

To clarify, I am the one who is meant to be imparting knowledge, not them. I am just trying to determine if there are any subjects that are best avoided.

I quite accept that they are thick skinned and and happy to discuss their faith. I'd just prefer to keep away from subjects that might take us down religious rabbit holes and detract from the point of the day.

I am going into their home and want to be respectful.
Are you holding a Foodie seminar?

I'd avoid Loaves and Fishes or anything that involves slipping a wafer into people's mouths.
well obviously not festivals and birthdays but go with flow, Eccles. My daughter had a friend who came from a JW family and they were fine and did not push their religion......not least, we were in a "non-soliciting" community, but even off site, they were fine.
They celebrate the last supper, but I don't think it coincides necessarily with Easter. I think I can remember the Jewish month Nisan 14th having something to do with it.

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