Church stages fake kidnapping of kids

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LazyGun | 19:28 Thu 29th Mar 2012 | Religion & Spirituality
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You would be hard pressed to make it up....

As if the Church does not already have enough to worry about with all the allegations of paedophile priests, now some church decides to stage a kidnapping of kids to educate them into the realities of religious persecution.

Faith can seriously warp rationality.....


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"Glad Tidings Assembly of God Church"

It seems any cult can call themselves a church.

I am not religious but I feel this is more the action of a few idiots, rather than a religious mode of operandi.
Unthinking - I seem to remember a similar incident somewhere else, when unthinking adults staged a scenario to try to teach youngsters something, without any consideration of the trauma they might be causing. Stupid.
I sometimes feel I'm surrounded by utter madness here on AB. Within the past couple of days we've had defence of wife beating, talk of ‘lambs’ aka human beings that have minds of their own, but actually don’t, and now men of the church kidnapping and frightening the life out of teenagers supposedly to teach them a valuable lesson. What the hell is going on in these people’s heads? I sincerely hope this nutcase receives the maximum penalty. Bloody religion! It’s a blight on humanity!
Boxtops - wasn't it some faked shooting or similar at a school? In the last year or two?
Naomi, it has been very interesting reading though :-)
sher, that rings bells - some sort of heist.
Bit of a fly in the font, this one?
Found it - http://www.dailymail....matises-children.html

Good grief, seems like my brain has started to work again!
Only in America!!!!!
Ummmm, yes indeed. Lively, to say the least. ;o)
Gav, no, not only in America. See Sherrard's link. Madmen all!
Yes I did read it.
What next perform a crucifixion to see how it felt?


And you thought you were joking.
The mind truly boggles...
"I don't believe it!!!!!"
Yes I did think I was joking!
Don't worry folks, keyplus will explain all.
I knew you did. :o)
Sorry if you think this is a new thread!
Is it me but do a lot of religious people seem to preach fear even when they do not know what they are fearful of.
I tried to hire a church hall for a talk that had 'magic' in the title. Without even asking a question the person said "I don't think they would like that" but they did not even know what 'that' was. It actually had nothing to do with magic!
Gav, why are you surprised? Magic scares the hell out of them because they associate it with the Devil – but nevertheless they believe in the magic of miracles! Potty!!
And Harry Potter is full of evil spells. Honestly!!! That's what my Mother told my young son!!

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Church stages fake kidnapping of kids

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