In the bible there is only "one" God right?

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tweaker | 18:36 Mon 20th Feb 2012 | Religion & Spirituality
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So, in Genesis 1.26, 3.22, and 11.7.

Whom is "US" then ?


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Which would be?

I might add I have a scholarship in Greco/Roman antiquity, and get my kicks from the BS that people arrive at with no concrete sources here.

That is why I haven't been "around". I work in the field of such studies.

You have my email, do tell me where you get your "sources" from, please!
Oh dear, Tweaker. For such an educated man, that doesn't sound terribly mature. I think I'll decline your invitation, thanks. I would hate to think of myself as a source of entertainment for you.
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Everybody gets their daily jollies Naomi.

I've just arrived at a different conclusion. That the bible/ non canonical books need's to be left in it's own time, and taking it out of it's context is well, stupid.

Could we agree on that?
Yes, you've arrived at the conclusion that everyone else is talking 'BS'.

And no, we can't agree on that. I don't believe those texts should be left in their own time because much of what they contain is far from stupid.
So Tweaker - how's your Hebrew?

I mean how solid a source is the old testament unless you are able to read it for yourself in the original?
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Well Jake, since the earliest scrips of the OT are 1000c.e Until partial fragments of the DSS came along not good! Only Greek I study in. Although I may User Recommendation

Along with the Anchor bible dictionary is a good start.

Why ask the Hebrew? A lot is in Aramaic, and Greek, and from the Hellenistic era a good deal of scripts.
Are you channelling Yoda, tweaker?
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Yoda: Tweaker is no contendant to Yoda!

Mind you, watched men stare at goats did I. Ummmm!

Back to Tweaker: A very odd film I thought!

Yoda: One has seen 'Take shelter' ? a film. Very appropriate thought I.

Tweaker: Has any one else viewed it?

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In the bible there is only "one" God right?

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