Is this a ghost?

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RATTER15 | 13:42 Mon 20th Feb 2012 | Religion & Spirituality
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I mentioned in a previous thread about a photo I have with a "ghost" have a look and see what you think. I don't actually believe in ghosts but this photo has me questioning my belief just a little.

The photo was taken with a phone/camera, I know it has not been manipulated and I know the person who took the photo very well, she has never seen the the little girl in the back ground.

Im certainly not saying this is a ghost but I cant explain how this has happened either.

See the pic here.



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Certainly an interesting picture Ratter, I can offer no explanation of what it might be. I don't believe in ghosts either!
No - for the simple reason there are no such things as ghosts.
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Flip Flop, im of the same view but that does not explain the image in the photo?
If she's never seen that girl before, then she couldn't have been paying attention to the "ghost pack" addition to her Camera 360 android app that created this fake.

I've seen her before...
Perhaps the photographer could think about previous photos that have been taken with that phone/camera, either by her or by others, and consider if there could have been some kind of double exposure from previous pictures.
As has been pointed out, this is an obvious fake.
and it's with packs like this that the question will always be answered negatively, whether ghosts exist or not!
On this photo though it couldn't have been real, in my opinion, because the 'ghost' is so drastically out of proportion! Surely they wouldn't be a mini version of their mortal selves.
Ratter, that is extraordinary! I’m not ‘up’ on photography, but is there no chance of some sort of ‘double-exposure’?

Qix, that image looks nothing like the woman in your link.

Anyone who declares 'there are no such things as ghosts' has clearly discovered the solution to a mystery that has eluded man, and science, since time immemorial. Any chance of letting the rest of us in on your findings?
I think you may have missed something, naomi........:o)

Qix_ seems to have it nailed!
Looks like the same image to me.
Ohhhh, you have to look quite hard in Qix first link to spot the 'ghost' but it's the same girl, as in the other pics.
Years ago, I was in a serious car accident which smashed up my car quite a bit. In the spot on the roof where it was crumpled the most, there is a clear white 'shadow' of something which looks like a 'demon'. Horns and all. A few nice 'miracles' actually came out of that accident. One being I ended with 4 brand new Michelin tires on the 'new' car, which was a year later model identical to the wrecked car. (It was not my fault.) Will look at your pic.
Couldn't get into two of those links, but yes, the 'ghostly' one does look very similar. That's the answer then. Well spotted Qix.
Naomi - perhaps I should have re-phrased my answer.

The very thought that there are ghosts is, in my view, as absurd as believing in leprachauns, fairies at the bottom of the garden or god and therefore, in my view, there are no such things as ghosts.

I accept that people have different beliefs to me - which is of course fine and dandy - but unless I ever see a ghost, I will never believe in them.
Take the camera back and get it changed for one that takes pictures of that which you point it at.
Flip-flop I was interested in your comment
"but unless I ever see a ghost, I will never believe in them"
I saw one once. I really dont remember what I felt about them before that. There are so many thinks in life that we dont get round to experiencing personally there must be plenty that you do accept from others experiences alone, so why not ghosts?
Ratter, you mentioned that the person who took the photo has MLD - then presumably someone else set up the i-phone for her, including the ghost app?
grasscarp, I'm similar to flip flop in the sense that I won't believe in ghosts until I see one, I don't disbelieve per se, I'll keep an open mind because the science behind that kind of thing is way beyond my lil ol' brain, but that's why I don't believe solely on the basis of other people's accounts, because it doesn't make sense to me.
If something doesn't make sense to me but it can be proven, fine, I'll accept
If something makes sense to me but can't be proven, i.e. aliens, I'll blindly believe.
If something doesn't make sense to me and cannot be proven, I'll not believe until I'm convinced otherwise.
OK Paul. I cant prove anything to you as the nature of ghosts is that they are very transient images, usually seen only for seconds and you are left wondering yourself what you did see. The majority of people will go their whole life not seeing one, and I dont expect I ever will again. We don't really know anything about what happens to our spirit when we die, but there is no doubt there is much that is inexplicable. I once tried to think about the universe extending forever but it is impossible with our finite brains.

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