what caused the big bang?

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sith123 | 08:14 Mon 16th Jan 2012 | Religion & Spirituality
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To be honest I don't think anybody knows for sure at the moment. All we can say is that observational and mathematical evidence points consistently to a sudden start from something infinitely small (possibly a singularity). The physics of the very early moments of this event are not understood but bit by bit it is being unravelled. Hence the search for the Higgs Boson. I'm quite confident that in time we will have the answers. I suppose you're going to say that Gods hand was at work, but I think it was Steven Hawking that said the more and more that we find out the less need there is for a supernatural explanation.
the big bang was due to brane collision
I presume you don't really want a scientific explanation as you posted this in R&S
No one knows so God must have dunnit.

Oh, hang on....

No one knows if God exists, so it would be pretty stupid to say it was him.

Mmm.... the answer has to be 'we don't know'.
Long ago nobody knew where the Earth came from so they presumed a God created it. They believed He also made the sky and hung the Sun, Moon, stars and planets upon it and drove them around the Earth.

Eventually some smart people worked out how the Earth formed and that the Earth was just one small planet orbiting the Sun which was just an ordinary star much closer than the others.

After a protracted battle where they clung to their original prejudice the religionists eventually adjusted their story to the helio centric model of the solar system which was a special place created by their God among the thousands of stars.

The scientist continued to investigate and discovered that there were billions of stars in each of billions of galaxies. Still the religionists clung to their presumption that the Earth wasa special planet that could support life.

As scientists find hundreds of planets and determine that there would be millions of planets like the Earth throughout the Universe the religionists are retreating to the one tiny spot left for their God to feature.

Eventually God will be pushed further back until His back is against the wall of the knowledge.

Remarkably, despite their ever-changing position and the complete lack of anything in the books even remotely resembling the Big Bang, they still claim that the Holy Books wtitten by ancient, ignorant men hold the ultimate truth about the origin of the Universe and everything in it. Quite bizarre really.
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The big gun maybe
Chuck Lorre of Bill Prady maybe.
It was Fred Hoyle who first used the term in a derisive sense, as he favoured the steady state theory.

Little left over problems like where 80 odd percent of the universe is hiding, and where all the mass came from are still niggling, of course.

What would Sir Fred say now?
he'd say "let me out of this coffin, i was only pretending to be dead"

(sorry for the bad taste)
The great baked bean meal of prehistory.... maybe its a cyclic pattern of bang -expansion-contraction-bang -expansion etc and its been going on for always
Probably the result of the uncertaintly principle. If you can't rule something out then sooner or later (whatever that means) it happens.

Trouble is without total knowledge and understanding any explanation tends to give rise to more questions. So do the sensible thing and label the enigma "God" and you can stop worrying about it.
//So do the sensible thing and label the enigma "God" and you can stop worrying about it.//

Thus begins the wild goose chase into oblivion. "God" is not an answer. "God" is only a question posing as an answer not to be questioned. There, lies reason to worry.
It's actually a label.
////Remarkably, despite their ever-changing position and the complete lack of anything in the books even remotely resembling the Big Bang,//////

Quran 21:30. Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?
Keyplus, see the Hindu Rigveda, approximately 10th century BC, and the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras, 5th century BC.

Yet more evidence that the Koran, 7th century AD, took its information from earlier civilisations.
This, logically, leads to the question "What was before the Big Bang?".
There are several theories about this; some suggest that we grew out of another, older, universe ("rapid expansion" amongst others); another that it collapsed into a single point from the previous incarnation (big bounce theory).
There are others, all explaining some of the observable evidence but nothing has satisfied all the anomalies yet.
As more evidence becomes available, science will continue to evolve and change it's theories until it arrives at a solution, just as it has throughout history and not just sit back and say "God dunnit"

Regarding Keyplus's comment: have you not learnt by now that he believes the Koran to be a truly independent work and any resemblance to other beliefs, customs, cultures or civilisations, concurrent or previous, is purely coincidental? ;-)
//Chuck Lorre of Bill Prady maybe.//

That's just a . . . theory.

Long ago, set into rhyme.

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