Are the World’s Religions Near Their End?

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Truthabounds | 13:47 Mon 14th Nov 2011 | Religion & Spirituality
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I would prefer it if the atheistic group on here did not answer this question. Because I know what they think. I want to see what religionists think.


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given the turnout, it would appear so :

simple answer for the atheists:

You wont get many answers then
i very much doubt it, there has been religion for about as long as humans have been about, so i think there is a very good chance that it will be about for quite a few more years
agree with steg.
Religions come, religions go. With the number of believers outnumbering the number of nonbelievers I can't see an end to religion any time soon.
//I would prefer it if the atheistic group on here did not answer this question. Because I know what they think.//

No you don't. You only think you do.
It is not an exaggeration to say that in just three and a half years Jesus did a hundredfold more than other persons do in a lifetime. If you question this statement, then measure the accomplishments of any other creature with the inspired statement of the apostle John: “There are, in fact, many other things also which Jesus did, which, if ever they were written in full detail, I suppose, the world itself could not contain the scrolls written.” (John:21:25)

There is no question that Jesus knew what he was talking about when he said at Revelation 11:18, “to bring to ruin those ruining the earth.” he will execute judgment on those proud, godless humans who are responsible for earth’s sorry state. (Psalm 14:1-3)
well the end of the world is near so yes, maybe, but when i say near i mean that the signs are already happening, but that wont be the end of religions, it will be the end of everything.
I an an atheist and my belief is that religion is going very strong around the world and will continue to do so into the distant future, maybe they will end one day but that day is certainly not 'near'. The active practicing of Christianity in Europe appears to be on the decline but this is a small slice of the pie.

My reasoning is that the community spirit that comes with it, the sense of belonging, the easy answers, the comfort and the methods by which it passes from one generation to the next mean that it will endure.

I separate my answer above, which is about 'religion' from the question of 'will people still believe in God' - I think that one can do this without 'belonging to a religion' - and this will continue forever as the idea is extremely alluring and, as we well know, the existance of God is impossible to prove or disprove.

Sorry if you already knew I thought this.
I don't think so. You may say that belief among people is shifting either way due to easily available comparative knowledge (thanks to internet) and increasing dependence on material things. Few people are leaving religion all together, few are switching from one to another and few who left earlier are coming back. So it’s all going on as before but at a quicker pace.
I`d have to ask, why you ask?
Or even, why are you asking?
^^ Isn't that what you said the first time?

Truthabounds, from il_billyum //Sorry if you already knew I thought this.//

Hate to say I told you so.
god knows
Naomi, //why you ask?// Didnt seem or sounded correct somehow. Still trying to figure if you are a believer in a supreme creator or just curious.
I think they've a while to go yet...........and in the not too distant future there may be a resurgence.
Redheadhere, May I suggest you read the threads?
Which ones? Seems you are on a mission Naomi24
The Bible has much to say about the fact that “the world is passing away.” In many places it contains specific information about the time that it also calls “the conclusion of the system of things.” But when the Bible speaks about this “end of the world,” what does it mean? Does it mean that our home, planet Earth, is to be destroyed? No, (1 John 2:17; Matthew 24:3)

God does not have to destroy the earth in order to eliminate the frightful conditions that are so prevalent on it. The earth is not causing the problems in human society today. People are responsible, especially people who have little or no regard for the Creator, and his laws. They are the ones who are turning life on this earth into a nightmare for so many. But God does not have to destroy the earth to rid it of such ones.

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Are the World’s Religions Near Their End?

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