god too late again

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jomifl | 13:32 Sun 06th Nov 2011 | Religion & Spirituality
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A christian churchman claimed that god's spirit entered the brave people who rescued victims from the horrific Taunton M5 pile up. I cannot comprehend the mental processes that led him to make such a statement. God only gets credit for the good stuff? ....


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God gets lots of credit for bad stuff as well
Jomi - can you imagine devoting your entire adult life to the pursuit of mumbo-jumbo ? No wonder they make such moronic remarks .
If it gives comfort to those that believe I say leave them be! It would have taken a huge set of knackers to even turn up, let alone try and rescue people!
It's a shame his/her spirit couldn't be bothered to enter the drivers of the vehicles before the accident and prevent it from happening in the first place.
Could it be because there is no such thing?
That's an insult to the rescuers. Decent human beings help those in need because those people need help.
Yeah. He should have just blown away the fog and smoke that was causing the poor visibility.
In the words of one of my favourite comedians, God was probably too busy giving AIDS to babies in Africa.......
I think this sums it up very well indeed...

Question Author
Exactly Naomi. It is as if the bravery of the rescuers who were acting selflessly and with true humanity had these qualities stolen away from them because as the churchman implied, it was god acting through them that did the rescuing. I thought it was a despicable and smug thing to say.
Birdie ..thanks, thought is a dangerous thing..
Sorry, he couldn't attend that situation because at that time he was busy giving thousand of innocent children in Africa and Asia diseases and debilitating agonising sicknesses. How dare these kids to be born?
It all comes down to the question: Do you want to live forever? You may not be able to do much toward your life now, except make it more purposeful, better and happier, while entertaining a hope for the future. But you can choose now how long you want to live in ‘the life that is to come.’ (1 Tim. 4:8) Choosing life now by taking hold of God’s instructions and provisions, you may be among the “great crowd” that survives the destruction of the present system of things, which all the evidence indicates is near at hand. Or you can join them in the righteous “new earth” by a resurrection.( John17:3)

Yes bad news affects others and not us, there is often an element of curiosity; some even enjoy learning about the misfortune of others. This may partly explain why bad news sells so well!
Too late ?

Anyway "Acts of God" are usually undesirable things.

Why would God's spirit enter the drivers and prevent the accident ? What is the point of a world where you can do any stupid thing knowing God acts as a safety net and you get away with it ? That makes no sense.

Anyway one would expect a churchman to attribute what went right to his God. It's his job to do so.
Elderman - Is there no end to depths to which you will sink to cobble together some ridiculous posting designed to illustrate your God's beneficence????

Human beings are capable of great acts of 'love' for their fellow life-travellers without the need of any God to put it there...
That is an insult to human intelligence!!!

Maybe these rescuers rescue people because they are just good people?
no that couldn't possibly be!!!
as far as I can see from R&S threads God gets blamed for every war that ever took place. So no, He doesn't only get credit for the good stuff.
Good grief, Elderman! Please give us a break!! I agree with naomi that this is an insult to the great courage and humanity of the rescuers! There was no God involved here! If there is a God, where was he minutes before the accident? Would he not have considered it might be a better option to prevent it from happening in the first place?? Totaly agree with everything Steven Fry says! Thanks for posting that birdie.

On another note ... I think two Jehovas Witnesses ladies are limping back to their Kingdom Hall as we speak. Ratter anwered the door ... need I say more?? lol
Yes, traffic accidents result; in a large percentage of accidents are attributed to not heeding road signs,
Tiredness can kill!
Kill your speed!
Take a break!
Bad tires kill!

It like the of bible warning,

Overindulgence in drinking!
And in just one year 27,294 men, women and children deliberately killed themselves. Besides this, some say that for every successful attempt at suicide, at least ten people try to kill themselves and fail, and one can go on and on.
For all who accept the Bible means peace of mind and joy now and nothing less than everlasting life in the future.
"For all who accept the Bible means peace of mind and joy now and nothing less than everlasting life in the future."

I suspect a number of things could bring joy in the present. But the claim that accepting the bible is the way to everlasting life is an unsubstantiated claim. You know someone who can verify it having been there ?
the bible warned of drugs and smoking!? Really!?

I feel sorry for the families of those who were lost in this tragic event, to face that and then be told that the others who were rescued were worthy of god's saviour is the epitome of being kicked when you're down!
Does the bible preach at all about tact!?
John:17:3 Read and see.

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god too late again

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