Spell candle?

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sarah-london | 10:14 Wed 14th Sep 2011 | Religion & Spirituality
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I recently had a tarot reading & the lady I saw there thought it would be good for me to burn a 'soul mate' spell candle (which she gave free). Just wondering what I should expect & how long spell candles should be given to work?

I have lots of questions....I'm unsure of how much I believe BUT I do know that at the end of the day burning a candle hurts no-one so thought 'give it a go'.

Any thoughts or knowledge would be appreciated. Thanks guys.


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just don't try burning it at both ends . . .
what a catty remark
just burning it isn't enough but light it in front of a mirror whlie you stand there for about 15 minute visualising how you would feel with your soul mate in your life...try to fill your mental image with how they would feel smell and sound as well as look but don't focus on the looks as they are only superficial do this every night until the candle burns away
Do you think there's an element of getting what you are prepared to believe?
No right or wrong answer - but meditative activites and activities that release serotonin into the brain promote creative brain activity, and so can assist people seeking answers to problems.
So if it works, and hurts nobody, go for it!
You should expect a nice flickering flame at the top of the candle, that can be relaxing to watch. Gets you away from the TV anyway. Hopefully the peaceful frame of mind you get from such contemplation will help you in your life.
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Thanks guys I'm an inquisitive person & won't just believe what someone tells me. I agree that a lot of it is to do with positive thinking. I also strongly agree that what does it matter what we do to make ourselves feel better as long as we are not hurting others. I like lighting candle anyway. It's just like an extension of that I guess. Just wasn't sure of the time frame of them or even if there is one.

If it works, be sure and let us know . . .

"Could I have two, please?"

//Just wondering what I should expect & how long spell candles should be given to work? //

What are you hoping it will do exactly?
I love candles for relaxation, but I struggle with the concept of a "spell candle", to be honest. I am not a believer in spells of any kind. However, relaxing yourself, meditating and getting to know and like yourself may well help you to find a soulmate, as it gives you a more relaxed, confident and honest approach when you meet new people. I think it is when we stop desperately looking for that special person, that we often find the right one. Hope the right person finds you.
I always control my incredulity that grown-up people can talk seriously about 'tarot readings' and 'spell candles' by reminding myself that this is the R&S site where all manner of crackpottery is to be expected.

Should there be another R&S site, standing for Reason and Sense?

On second thoughts it wouldn't work because just as rational people are allowed to invade this site the nutters would be fully entitled to invade the other R&S.

What the heck, as long as we all have fun.
I think by 'free' you meant 'paid for with the money you handed over for the tarot reading'.

Anyway, I hope you find a soul mate and realise it had nothing to do with the candle. You sound nice though so good luck!
OK, so I am the only one that thought you wanted us to spell "candle" C.A.N.D.L.E judging by the first line. :(
Having never heard of spell candles I am quite happy to give you advice based on the fact that I know as much about them as anybody else.
1. Be careful you don't burn yourself when lighting it
2. Make sure that there are no flammable substances nearby
3. Do not leave it unattended
4. Make sure that it is inacessible to children and pets.
5. Make sure that it has a certificate of conformity and meets local and regional and/or national standards.
6. Check that your personal accident and house insurance covers the consequences of acts of witchcraft.
7. Don't worry, they are mostly harmless.
>>>>What the heck, as long as we all have fun. <<<<

Here here!!
//OK, so I am the only one that thought you wanted us to spell "candle" C.A.N.D.L.E judging by the first line. :(//

I wasn't going to mention it but now that you have, yes, that was my initial reaction to the title of this thread as well. Great minds... and all that.
^^ Hate to say it - but me too. :o)
LOL jomifl.

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