spreading god sword

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Ankou | 14:25 Thu 25th Aug 2011 | Religion & Spirituality
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when making toast at 6am, if you drop it on the floor and it falls butter side down, is that a punishment from god ?

is he really that mean ? i know he did loads of really bad stuff in the olden days, but i thought he'd moved on from that (with counselling and jeremy kyle appearances i guess).


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That's just Karma.
God has guided misssiles these days though, left the sword in the museum.
Only if it lands on a dusty bit of the floor. If not, it's just a warning.
Lol @ mungz does that mean you can still eat it if it lands on a clean floor then and all is right with the world...
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mungz, if that were the case, then its probably god telling me to reprimand mrs kou for not cleaning it properly.

is that how this religious stuff works ? cool.
Is that not more to do with Murphy than God?

At least we know Murphy exists - she's Fluffy's cat.
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she may call it fluffy. everyone else knows it is satan.
Does that mean "Murphy's Law" is the same as "Satan's Law"?

I am now even more confused than usual.
It is science. Butter is heavier than bread so it makes sense that it lands on the heaviest side. (°¿°)
lol wildwood ~ geek ;-)
These days it is cool to be a geek. ;-)
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nNt only mean but so petty wasting his time guiding pieces of toast when he could be diverting bullets.
probably just superstition and myth

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spreading god sword

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