Ramadan..the higher you live, the longer you wait...

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Nibble | 13:01 Sun 07th Aug 2011 | Religion & Spirituality
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I guess buildings this high didn't come into the equation in 620 AD....


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I wonder if those living on mountains in the old days observed the same restriction.

This doesn't seem fair as they also have to start the fast earlier.
Wildwood; "Al-Qubaisi said the decree is similar to those relating to Muslims traveling on airplanes, and harkens back to a time when people living in the mountains broke their fast after those at lower elevations."
I wouldn't have thought it was something that even needed saying; if your fast ends when the sun goes down, don't you simply watch it happen before tucking in?
Mind you, what happens if you start eating in the lift? If you time it right you can see the sunset twice!

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Ramadan..the higher you live, the longer you wait...

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