Why are social services so.. slack?!

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Craftypig | 19:45 Wed 23rd Feb 2011 | Society & Culture
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The neighbors behind my mother have 2 young children.. both under 3... and EVERY day they scream and shout at them.. calling them bastards and threatening them. When they do things wrong they dont try and be nice.. and tell them why they are wrong and teach them.. they just lash out.. calling them names and shouting at them till they cry. My mother is studying social work at uni and was told verbal abuse and threats should be taken as seriously as physical abuse...

We have been calling social services for months now and they have done nothing.. so today with recordings of the abuse that we can hear from her house we went to see them..... yet apparently a voice recording of the father saying "If you Fluffing do that again i will batter you so hard you wont be able to sit down for a week" means jack Sugar unless we have visual proof they are hitting them! this is appalling.. look at Baby P... his verbal abuse was ignored and eventually the parents cracked and killed the poor boy..

The children shouldnt have to suffer physical or verbal abuse.. but social services.. with this evidence are doing nothing... the mother tells them to flump off at 2am when they cry and when one fell over and hurt themselves all she said was "you only banged your head get over it and stop crying" !! the child was crying for 15 mins.. and this is not abuse apparently.. i am not saying take the children away.. but the parents need help.. its just not safe for them!!

does anybody know how we can get this sorted?

Thank you x


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Tell social servicesyou are keeping records of all abuse and all reports to them, and their negative responsea nd if things go wrong you will make sure the press get the lot and it will be made available for any enquiry to make sure those responsible get the sack. Might get them worried enough to get out of their seats and round there
Try calling the NSPCC

<<Worried about a child?

You may be their only hope. Call the NSPCC Helpline now on 0808 800 5000>>
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Thank you both i will suggest them so my mother...

we played them proof and my mum has a log book of times they were crying of being shouted at etc.. but because we can't prove they are hitting them they wont lift a finger.. its awful.. the parents need help before they children are hurt...
I was going to say the same as Zeuhul - NSPCC.

Try to find out who the Councillor is in charge of Social Services and get in touch with him/her. I did this recently visa via my Mum's abuse in Care Home. It gets results.
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Than you Den53.. again something i will mention to my mum..

she wants to get it sorted.. for their sake as well as hers.. i have her calling me in floods of tears because of some of the abuse she can hear it needs to be fixed..
I personally would ring the police,every child needs to be protected, tell them you suspect abuse , and request that they visit
As appaling as the shouting obviously is, you can't compare it to the case of Baby P. That was systematic, sadistic cruelty, not a parent simply losing it.
contact the police if you think they're in danger.
Unfortunately, cases of parents shouting and screaming at children are so common place now that social services are too hard pressed to deal with each and every case. If they have evidence the child is being physically abused then it will become a priority but if not they have too many other, more pressing cases. It's a terrible state of affairs, but that's the way it is these days.
Like BOO said...they can't be compared.

How do you know SS are doing nothing about it?
Verbal and emotional abuse can significantly damage a child's emotional and physical well being, both short and long term, and should unquestionably be taken seriously. I know that, where I live (BC), a big contributing factor to kids falling through the cracks is overworked social workers. I suspect this is a widespread problem. Social services are chronically underfunded and lack the necessary resources needed to adequately protect children. The difference in number of files workers are supposed to be assigned and the number they actually are assigned is huge. It is quite literally impossible for them to properly and thoroughly manage their case loads. The result is children going without their basic needs being met and being made to endure abuse. In some cases, children die. I have my Social Service degree and work in the field, but am extremely hesitant to look for employment with the Ministry of Children and Families for this reason.
I am not suggesting there are no other factors that contribute to poor response and action concerning children and abuse, but do think it is high on the list. I also know it does not provide any answers as to how you can help the children living behind you. I think it is an ongoing issue, however, that people need to be aware. I think it is important for communities to advocate for the protection of children through increased support and resources. All I can suggest to you is to continue to be proactive with phone calls to social services and the police reporting the situation. It may be a good idea to keep a log of your reports as well, as evidence of the prolonged lack of response
you could get a fw of the neighbourghs to complaint oo, enoguh of you will raise some awareness and promt a visit to the home.There social sevices will see wether it is just the threatening words or real abuse :)
maybe try and speak to the children when their playign on the street, see how they ract and their bodily moves xD

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Why are social services so.. slack?!

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