Royal Wedding 29th April 2011

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ash318 | 18:45 Thu 03rd Feb 2011 | Society & Culture
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Does anyknow where I can find the timings of what happens on that day? What time is the marriage etc?


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You are keen????..Do not think they really know themselves yet ! looking forward more to Zara's wedding in in Edinburgh !
O god,it starts..I'm glad I'm going on holiday then!!
Im not a royalist in any shape or form but I think it would be good craic in Edinburgh for her wedding -any excuse for a party type thing -might get the megabus through !!
Princess Anne is to be seen often in in restaurants etc with just one bodyguard..very approachable nice lady who will always say hello if approached..
Well she looks upon herself as Scottish doesnt she? Nice house to stay in though and to think me getting treated to the Calley was posh lol.She's down to earth but enjoys the trappings.
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she usually staysat the New Balmoral Hotel, not the palace...that's the old North British at the end of Princes Street next to Waverley
must have got her on a bad day JG !
yes you are right murraymints we have found her very down to earth,she is up the west coast of scotland quite a lot,moors her boat at a place named adfern.
Did you get all that Mr. terrorist. You know where she hangs out and she is approachable easy peasy.
Ooh nice. Now we have a route map so mr terrorist can plan his attack.
you are a bit scary Sbear !!
Just seems a little stupid advertising so early, what route they will be taking. When and where they are staying and so on.

These sort of details should only be released a day or two before the event.
That's the clever thing about having the ceremony in the big holiday week, the place will be quiet and so easier to police
The place will be quieter? You've got to be joking. There will be thousands there hoping to catch a glimpse.
There are a few more details on this site:
There were 'rumblings' in our little cul-de-sac that one or two neighbours were thinking of contacting the local council to ask if they would close the road completely and we have a street party, for all neighbours, family and friends on the 29th.....BBQ, traditional food also, great music ( supplied by me of course ), party games such as twister etc ( lol ) .........AND just this weekend we recieved in the post a leaflet from one of the aforementioned neighbours that is the proposal, so the ladies of the close ( ? )...(says men are invited as well on it if they want to attend).......are to have a meeting in Mid- March to discuss the tables, chairs, food, decorations etc.......Oh Joy!..........probably be a great day though, as we all get on really well, and look after each other, when needed.

And that, it looks like, is our day on the 29th April.........Have'nt got a clue if we are watching the event on the TV first though...........:0)
I'll post that link again:
I hope that it works this time.

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Royal Wedding 29th April 2011

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