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azassabi | 08:42 Mon 12th Oct 2009 | Society & Culture
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Has hypnotism been proved by science that it works and already been regarded as an specific branch of science?


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It is still controversial but hypnotism is reasonaly well accepted as a genuine type of brain state.
No doubt there are people out there getting hypnotised in MRI machines and we will hear about it soon.
Id be very surprised if that hasnt been done already. I have seen brain scans of all sorts of brain states dsicussed. Anyone going to look into it?

Er, perhaps I should have put an apostrophe in that Id.
no, let your Id run wild, mallam
Having read Derron Brown's book and as a hypnotist 'hynotised' me once i'm fairly confident that it's not real. By real i mean that someone cannot simply be hypnotised into doing the bidding of others. Generally hynotism involves a lot of relaxation techniques and using participants who are willing the system to work.

It is also ridiculously easy for someone to become registered as a hymotiist so i'd say it's a long way off from becoming a fully accepted form of medical treatment or anything along those lines.

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