New building around Dorchester.

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eviespost | 17:30 Sun 30th Aug 2009 | Society & Culture
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Does anyone know why there are such a lot of expensive-looking large new build houses being built around Dorchester area, please?
Is some high-tech industry with well paid workers going to be located in the area or something? Or is it just retirement well-to-do folk? I'm not jealous, just curious! Driving through the area it is noticeable.


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A large number of people living in Dorset (in particular West Dorset, from Dorchester westwards) have emigrated from the Home Counties, many of them to retire. In Bridport and the surrounding villages just about everybody you speak to in the pubs hails from Surrey or Berkshire.

There are also a large number of second homes in the area.
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Thanks, New Judge, for your reply.
I can certainly understand people wanting to move to West Dorset, it is a super area.

I now live in the North, but return to Dorset as much as possible for holidays. Many years ago we used to live in Highcliffe-on-Sea, and loved it there.
Thanks again for replying.

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New building around Dorchester.

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