Should women get equal pay as men ?

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code1 | 15:42 Thu 03rd Jul 2008 | Society & Culture
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On our farm with have a mixture of both women and men crop pickers.
In general the men work slightly harder and longer, but I find the women are more conscientious and attentive to the produce (they damage less).
I of course pay equal wages to the men and the women.
What are YOUR ideas and EXPERIENCES of doing a job where a member of a different sex got paid a higher rate.


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Certainly not! It might upset the towelheads
I suspect I'm going to get a pasting here, but consider this.

A man and a woman join the same firm at the same time and do an equally good job on the same pay, which is absolutely right and proper.

The same woman, of her own volition, has a child and 12 months maternity leave, then another, then another, totalling three years off in one hit.

During that time the man gets greater pay rises and earns more than the woman.

In a situation like this, then yes, it is fair that the man is being paid more (but then I'd think exactly the same if the man decided to take three years paternity leave and the woman advanced).

On the whole I think men and women should be paid the same for doing the same job, with caveats - such as above.

Oh, in Tennis too - I think it is fair men got paid more because they play more tennis, although I understand Wimbledon stopped this last year.
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Thank-you all kindly for your imput.
the pay should be the same. I M O
I would think that people should be taken on their individual merit and not on their sex. There are both men and women who do great jobs and there are those that do not. Individuals would perform better if they were treated as such and not grouped. Most people who find a problem with this are usually, unfortunately put in that particular situatoin and react as such. All people are basically good at heart if you look close enough.
Cheers, Code1
I've read your other post Code1 and was led to believe you're a fake.
Irrelevant really though, because the basic question's still debatable. I think a man and a woman, doing an equal job, should get equal wages, end of.
It's very difficult to give a definitive answer on such a generalisation. If I had to give an answer I'd say if a worker contributes more to a business than someone else they should be paid more, regardless of gender. If an employer has performance issues with a worker it's more cost effective to manage those issues rather than let it dictate everyone's wages. Generalisations of any kind, whether it be gender, race, age, social background, eye-colour, taste in music etc usually result in someone being treated unfairly. Not ALL men work hard and not ALL women are conscientious and attentive. It's fairer to pay individual workers in line with what they do, not what it is ASSUMED they do based on their gender (apologies for the capitalisation, I don't know how to do italics). I take the point above about maternity leave. I think your your pay should reflect your contribution to the business. A simple audit should tell you whether hard work and long hours are more valuable to your business than conscientious and attentive crop picking (I guess you've probably already done this). Another simple audit would identify the individual contribution of each worker. Gender would be irrelevant. To sum up: If your contribution to the business is equal to that of someone who is being paid more than you, you're being treated unfairly.
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Thanks everyone !

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Should women get equal pay as men ?

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