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helpmetoo | 16:49 Thu 12th Jun 2008 | Society & Culture
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well we have had a few nice days

out come the flip flops

is there a direct link between the desire to adopt this horrible type of footwear and the hideous minging feet of most people who paddle around in them

these people are happy to display what they obviously consider a bodily attribute

one can only be revulsed thinking about the state of the parts they prefer to keep covered up

heaving thinking about it

or is this a turn on for you?
other examples of offensive public conduct?


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ive got yummy feet too, and i love my flop flops, sorry not too keen on the croc crocs though!
But I think we have to let weeal keep hers cos they sound posh and are only for indoors!!
Lol at all the above.

Funny-shaped feet are no problem to me - I have a bunion on one foot and a scar on the other where one was removed. Not that you'd ever get me in flip-flops 'cause I can't stand the toe post thingummy.

What makes me cringe, though, are the cracked, hard-skinned, hanging-off-the-back heels of some wearers. Eugh! I shudder just thinking about them.

Mind you, I throw caution to the wind on cooler summer days. I wear loud, spotty or stripy socks with my trekking sandals. I've been reported to the fashion police on several occasions.

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flip flops

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