Tradition layout of grooms speech

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Booldawg | 09:39 Fri 30th May 2008 | Society & Culture
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I've had a look on the net but can only find sites that want to sell you a speech.

What is the traditional layout of the grooms speech? its been so long since I last did it LOL! I know it involves a lot of 'thank yous' but cant remember in which order.


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Here's an extract from the link below

Groom�s Speech

Length: 3/4 minutes on average is a good time.

Whichever way you look at it, it has to be said that the Groom has the easiest job when it comes to a wedding speech.

Normally the Groom is the second person to speak after the Father of the Bride, and basically is expected to thank everyone connected with the wedding, on behalf of himself and his new wife.

Of course, you can make your �thank you� as creative or entertaining as you want. It�s always good to start your speech by thanking the Father of the Bride for welcoming you into his family. You may then want to thank your own parents for the support they�ve given you over the years.

You may echo the comments of the Father of the Bride and thank various people who are connected with the wedding and have helped with the planning. You�ll also thank the Best Man, the Bridesmaid�s/Flower Girls and the Ushers - and not only thank these people, but present them with a small gift at the same time. As mentioned above, you may want to include very short stories, facts, or witty comments about these people as you mention them.

And finally, you will of course thank your new wife for marrying you!

Following that, sit down and look concerned� it�s time for the Best Man! _advice.html

From my memory, the Groom starts the speech "on behalf of my wife and I" (Q cheering), then in he thanks everyone for attending, thanks the rest of the wedding party and then goes on to tell the guests how lovely his bride looks etc. then you can go on to say whatever you wish :)
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Thanks Lakitu, excellent info! I'd better scribble some notes down...

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Tradition layout of grooms speech

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