Why Don't Asians Play Football?

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Bewlay Bros | 15:41 Sun 11th Nov 2007 | Society & Culture
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I am watching Birmingham City vrs Aston Villa on TV and the commentators are keen to point out who is a Brummie, hence local lad.

Of the 22 starting men, 13 are black (Afro-Caribbean) but not a single Asian.

I know the Far East (Korea and China etc) have players in the UK leagues but why is there such an absence of Indians, Pakistanis and Bengalis etc, especially in teams like those from Birmingham, Bradford, Leeds etc??

In fact I have never even seen an Asian play footie in the park.

I am aware cricket is the dominant force in many of these nations, but both cricket and rugby are fairly major here as well. With huge populations, I can not figure out why they do not play it.

It can't even be a heat thing as Africa is scorchio, and the natives there love to play football.

Any ideas?


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maybe footbal is a tedious game much of the time and it doesnt much excite their imagination????
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I am sure that is notthe case as I said they love cricket. As a cricket fan myself, it is hardly an exiting game is it?
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In fairness, a good question. There are some in European football.
Or, the old joke, every time they got a corner they opened a shop on it.

PS for anyone thinking as such, that was not made as a racist comment - it IS an old joke.
Asians do play football. They love it as much as any other ethnic group and some of them play it very well. You only have to look around at the training sessions going on here in Leicester every day of the week.

I think, in the early days of mass immigration by Asian people, they were largely excluded from our clubs and leagues and set about forming their own. These have become very successful and now they don't seem to need the mainstream game.

It does seem such a pity that there is a swathe of talent out there that English clubs desperately need, and yet lose out on. Serves them right, I guess, for turning the Asian guys away to start with.

It is strange, though, that those of African-Caribbean descent seem to have integrated more fully into the game.
I've played football against teams that were 100% asian.

Bottom line is if there were/are any asian players who were good enough they would get spotted and picked up, we have every other nationality playing in our leagues.

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Why Don't Asians Play Football?

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