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x_x_x_1 | 16:32 Tue 16th Oct 2007 | Society & Culture
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wat kind of picture do u guys have of hell?


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Four words....

Maria Carey on Loop... Eternally.

Ok. That's five.

Dantes Inferno as a backdrop isn't a bad start.
You putting on a play or something?
Or are you concerned about your salvation.
If so, I'm pleased to discuss.
spending an eternety with christians.
Wiz - you don't really really believe that. Think of all of the late night debates we could have?
Maybe a late bar?
A room with no windows, red flock wallpaper, a lumpy sofa with the springs sticking out, the only books are autobiographies of Victoria Beckham & Paris Hilton, the TV only shows repeats of Big Brother, the only food & drink is whelks & advocaat and the music on the loop is Tom Jones.
Look at Chatterbank.

That'll give you some idea...
There are many descriptions of hell in the Bible, but one aspect that is overlooked and one that has to be the most disconcerting is the description of absolute darkness. "... Then said the king to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth" (Matthew 22:13 and II Peter, 3-5))." It's a place of darkness so black one could never see anything else, but knowing one could still see and, even worse, knowing it will never end and even worse, knowing that one is there solely of one's own choice... In fact the burning often described as being a part of hell must be the crushing, white hot, eternal knowledge that there is no end to the longing for the God so readily denied in this life. Yeshua spoke more often about hell than He did about heaven...
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Imagine being born into a world where after millions of years invested in a struggle to maintain an existence, a time where technology has finally advanced to a point where the potential for everyone to live a life better than any king has ever known has come to pass. Now imagine that rather than working to realise that potential, people who believe for no good reason that an even better life awaits them beyond the grave have access to that technology and are using it to destroy every good thing that humankind has ever produced. Ignoring the tortured past of their predecessors they employ the products of hard won technology to denigrate the virtue of reason and work instead to destroy everything that has been gained for the sake of an illusory privilege they have not earned the right to consider, the hope of entering at the end of their borrowed lives a wonderland that can not possibly exist.

Imagine that having envisioned a world that is as good as any that can be reasonably conceived you are condemned to witness any hope for its realisation dashed by the ungrateful mindless undeserving hoards whose existence relies entirely on the creativity and inventiveness of your rational mind and the fruits of your labours that keeps them alive while they preach to you that the only payment you can expect is to suffer throughout all eternity in hell. Can you see what is wrong with this picture? If not you are just one more burning ember in a hell that you yourself have created, an imploding world falling into decay. Gazing out from your glowing sockets don�t look for me because I no longer work for you. I left you to reap the just reward of your self created hell many years ago. Enjoy!
The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven
Re-thought and i think it'd be full of bearded tw@ts sitting on clouds playing excruciating harp music all day and being sickly nice to each other
mib's my love, life in 2007 is not quite hell on earth yet. While Pandora's hope is still out of the box there's a fighting chance.

paulos - Only someone who has not had to sit through an R&B night could say that and think it's true.
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China maybe the mind needs a little bit of help for RnB nights
I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about.

But yes. There are ways of making the night tolerable that's true.
Joking - fireworks going off at night all year round.

Serious - isolation. Think about the meaning of that word, let it resonate around your mind for a few minutes ...
I do not believe that when the Bible says burning and fire and all that other stuff that it is to be taken literally. Hell is a place yes, but more of a state of mind... I believe the fire and torment stuff is meant to mean more of a state of mind. Hell is knowing that you are not with your Father in Heaven for eternity after this life and that you had your chance and you blew it... living with that in mind for eternity is Hell.

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