Hen night etiquette

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scrumpy78 | 08:44 Thu 09th Aug 2007 | Society & Culture
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Hi all, I have a hen party to go to on saturday - this is my worst nightmare! fortunately its a bbq at her house, not a wild night out. firstly do i need to take something i.e present / alcohol ( i dont drink ). is it like a baby shower, should i take something and if so what? also, when is an appropriate time to leave the party. it starts at 4.30pm?


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Well if it was me then yes I would bring a bottle of something. As you don't drink then that will work perfectly for you as you can bring something that you actually want to drink. Or you can decide to bring a bottle of wine and a bottle of something for yourself. I would do this attending any kind of BBQ unless specifically told otherwise.

For a hen party you don't need to bring anything, just yourself. You'll probably find that the chief bridesmaid (usually with the brides help) will have arranged any activities for the evening. Or in this case the food.

An appropriate time I don't know. I guess about 9pm would be ok but generally I like to see how these things pan out and go from there. If the bride is particulary wanting you to stay then it might be a bit rude to go early. I'd make a judgement on that when I'm there.

Also, and I really don't mean for this to sound critical or mean, it honestly might help. Concentrate on the fun aspects of the BBQ rather than the nightmare parts and I'm sure you'll relax more about it and have a lot more fun.
You call yourself after the nicest drink in the world and you dont drink!!!

I agree with the first answer.

I have been to lots of hen parties but can't say that I have ever been to one that has been a BBQ at someones house. Personally I would take a bottle (of wine or something) plus whatever you yourself would like to drink as you don't drink alcohol.

I wouldn't take a present like you would at a baby shower and I would leave whenever I had had enough!!
Take the pill if i was you!
lol this has got to be a wind up

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Hen night etiquette

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