false accents

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helpmetoo | 14:30 Tue 19th Jun 2007 | Society & Culture
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what is it with these people
what is the attraction for people born in the uk of immigrant stock to want to speak in the accent of their forefathers?
go anywhere in sarf london and you will hear kids jabbering away in ridiculous tones when really they naturally speak as 'london' as anyone else
you dont get second and third generation irish going round saying ' top of the morning to you!'
my grandfather was jewish ' oivay my life already'


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Top of the a'noon to you helpmetoo!

Dare I say, I agree with you. They must think they sound so cool -'specially when you hear some of the 'white' kids trying to emulate them - innit!

This is in no way meant to mock people who were genuinely brought up speaking their 'mother' tongue!
*Best be cautious here - when I say 'white' kids - I mean anyone obviously not brought up to speak another lingo by their parents - white or not!
how exactly do you know which are their 'real' accents and which aren't? How do you know the accents they speak in at home aren't the real ones, while they adopt sarf lunnun when talking to their peers so they fit in better?
It's all that hip hop malarkey isn't it?

I recall Kenzie (Blazin Squad) and Abs from 5ive speaking in that quasi Jamaican twang. I heard that Kenzie is actually from a well-to-do family from Esher (or somewhre equally as posh) and that Abs siad he speaks like that ''because everyone does in Hackney''.

Ermmmmm, ok Abs ;o)
Yep, that's exactly what I was saying Pippa - other's emulating other's just for the sake of it!
I believe it is peer pressure. I also know people who speak 'normal' except when with their families then their accent turns into another language.
Jamie Oliver is a prime example, he went to public school and talks really posh, but he has to 'dumb it down' and speak like a cockney so the public will accept him more. Can you image Jamie Oliver talking like prince philip!! not the same is it?
The one I really reall do not get is that berk who introduces the Pimp My Ride UK programme. My son likes the programme but the accent is SOOO put on.
Well, bejasus and begorrah. Being tird generation Oirish meself, oi heartily agree wid youse, wee man.

Radio 1's Tim Westwood is the silliest though. A middle-aged Ali G who actually seems to take himself and his rap image seriously, even going so far as to get shot. Nuff respeck, ya silly old twonk. I would listen to him for the sheer unintentional comedy value, but I fear exposure to the God-awful chavtastic "music" he plays may cause my brain to melt.

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false accents

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