Is Damien Hurst an Artist or Art Producer?

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eleanswers | 15:34 Sun 03rd Jun 2007 | Society & Culture
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Damien Hurst the 'Artist' as we know him is reportedly worth over a 100 million. But is he an artist? His latest works include a diamond skull and a series of paintings of his wife & child. The skull was crafted by jewelers and the paintings were painted by painters. The 'Artist' Damien Hurst did not craft these things himself but commissioned other talented artist. So I don't think it's justified in him having the title 'Artist'. In other crafts the person who has the idea and makes the ideas manifest holds the title 'Producer'. with the artist being the musicians, the actors etc. So I would like to know if people think his Artist title is justified. I personally think he should be re-titled to 'Art Producer' and let the real craftmen & artist take credit for their talents.


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Is a nice building down to the builders or the architect?

Is the orchestra responsible for Mozarts work?

Was BladeRunner's vision Ridley Scott's or the miriad special effects guys?
Good point Llamatron, but they have titles that reflect what they did - architect, composer and director.
The questioner is suggesting a subtle change of title from artist to art producer in the case of 'artists' who have the idea but no 'hands on' part in the creation of the artwork.
Would that be unreasonable?
Art is in the eye of the beholder, but I think he's a consumate con artist.
Maybe he is an artist but not a craftsman. That seems to fit your description.
Perhaps Art Director.

Doesn't a producer, at least in the movies, deal with the financial and logistical side of things that allows the director to create his/her vision?
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Llanatron, initially you had a good point, but as ludwig said these people have a title that is explanitory of what they do.
And I have to say Lonnie 'Con Artist' I never thought of as a title, but it's certainly a good one.
Again Llanatron, the producer has overall control of a shoot, but it's up to him how much creative input he has. Some choose to focus on the administration ie: Executive producer, but others take a more active role in the creative process. But these people don't write 'Artist' on their CV as their occupation. I still believe it's deceiving to exhibit paintings by 'Damien Hurst' when he didn't paint the things. He says himself that he can't paint! The exhibits should read 'Produced or Created by Damien Hurst & the hands on people credited alongside.
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Upps and Art Director is a totally different thing, this is the person who designs the sets of films/theatre and decides the visual style.
Of course he's an artist.

If a managing director dictates a letter to a secretary and the secretary writes it down, the MD still wrote it.

But then it depends how literal you want to be. For those of you that are, I should point out that, on a film set, the Best Boy isn't necessarily the best boy.
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How hard is it to type?
The point is, if I took a photograph of the queen, then took this photograph to an artist and said I'll pay to you paint that in oils on canvas. Then I took the painting to a gallery exhibited with my name only. DOES THAT MAKE ME AN ARTIST TOO??

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Is Damien Hurst an Artist or Art Producer?

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