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eleanswers | 23:25 Mon 14th May 2007 | Society & Culture
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I'm in an argument with my boyfriend who intends to sell sportswear, the problem is he hasn't a clue about current trends & fashion and says he doesn't need to know.
Therefore I would appreciate some public opinion on current sportswear trends. He thinks Lonsdale is the coolest thing, so obviously some advice needed. Thanks.


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You will learn that a man can never accept when he wrong - especially when it's his partner telling him so.

Let him get on with it, let him make the mistakes. He won't do again, and if he does, he's a fool.
I think Lonsdale is probably cool if you are a boxer! but going into sportswear where people will want his expert advice and expect him to stock the latest sporting accessories, I think he needs to start brushing up on the latest trends before he falls flat on his face and looks a fool!!!
Depends whether you/he actually mean sportswear or fashion? There's a big difference between the two.
Lonsdale is tacky! Lonsdale is only cool if you are a professional boxer. You can pick Lonsdale hoodies up for about �6 from 'Sport and Soccer' shops. He would need to be getting them very cheap and selling them at less than �6 to make any kind of business.

I would tell him not to waste his time or money on buying Lonsdale stock, they're about as cool as Adidas poppers - remember those? Or Kappa jackets.
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Thanks so much for your valued answers.

Ratter - asking the guy to brush up on trends, I've tried it's not that easy. He styles himself on Don Johnson & thinks he's cool. There's no hope, which is why I take Saxy advice and leave him to it.
And sportswear is different from fashion, of course you are right.. but much is also worn as casual daywear. I don't think Lonsdale has any street cred, adidas poppas and Kappa jackets and break dancing, takes me back.

Many thanks for all your replies, more welcome..
what are adidas poppers ?
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If you were a BMX rider you'd have known what Adidas poppers were.....

PMSL @ eleanswers
Ummm the description says " cool...". Really? Were they that cool first time round then?! I did have a pair but burnt a hole in them getting caught smoking my first ever cigarette - my friend's mum came in the room and I didn't know where to chuck it so I put it in my pocket - doh!

Lucky I didn't go up in flames though really.
Surprisingly you can still get decent Lonsdale clothers just not from Soccer Sports lol. Best sportswear to sell is the classic/retro look, have a look on Ebay at Tacchini/Fila. Personally I selly moody lacoste polo shirts, buy them bagged and tagged for a fiver sell them for between �15 & �30 there's one born every minute. Just get him to look on Ebay and see what's fetching money, but it's cut throat and unless you can get the stuff dirt cheap forget it!
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