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hubblebubble | 22:19 Mon 14th May 2007 | Society & Culture
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Could you tell me about the basic elements/beliefs of scientology?

What are your views on it?


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have you just seen the BBC Panaroma programme about it hubble?
After watching Panorama i now know that believing in yourself is the best thing you can do.

Scientology is a farce no end, a money making cult hell bent on brainwashing desperate people.

I'm a scientific orientated person and no way a scientologist, and i'm disgusted that they would even use the word. Whats religious about digging up the past of all the critics and exposing them for the world to see.

Just crazy Yanks at it again, that country has gone mad, but are you surprised with a leader like George Bush.

I'm glad and proud to be scottish, where we would show Scientology the door and allow it to hit its ass on the way out.
No i haven't, wizard! It was on tonight wasn't it! I should have done really!
This is a link to The Scientology church in Edinburgh htm
Scientology was devised by a guy who was a science fiction writer (this is fact). Initially Scientology involved aliens, distant planets and basically science 'fiction'.
eleanswer, so not that dissimilar to christianity then!!
Who in their right mind wouldn't believe in Thetans? I've seen them! They check the recycled contents of my wheelie bin!
In answer to Rattan, yes but no but yes but..
I would say Christianity is more 'Historical' fiction than science fiction. like Jehova's Whitness is 'Fantasy' fiction and Catholicism '?would be reported?' fiction.

However there is something to be said for superbeings arriving on earth in flying machines. ie: Varacocha, and the stories of these beings with white robes and beards that came from the skies and civilized humans. Think this should be the next religion. Anyone up for dressing up!
The idea about thetans is apparently they were dumped on earth by an alien space king millions of years before humans evolved and they got taken to a cinema???? Cinemas were obivously around in the time of the dinosaurs!

The cinema showed a film to them explaining how to survive on earth by inhabiting a living being and controlling them.

And these people arent brainwashed?
I just want to give the answer from Paulst30 a four star rating. He says it all right there. That's the whole story in a nut-shell !

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