Drugs and sex offences at school

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AB Asks | 11:39 Wed 14th Mar 2007 | Society & Culture
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Last year more that 200 pupils a day were expelled from primary schools because of drugs and sex offences. There are concerns that children are increasingly copying the bad behaviour of their parents. There are also accusations of bad parenting that has let children become this way. What do you think is the route cause of this behaviour demonstrated by children whose main interests should be toys not drugs? Is it bad parenting or just the society we live in as a whole?


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It's got to be a case of bad parenting surely? You're talking about primary school children here, 10 years and under, how aware are they at that age of society? They see their parents as an example and follow that.

Again Ed (or whoever posted this) I'd really like links where you got these facts from.

I find it more of a concern that the kids are able to get hold of drugs etc. in the first place. Perhaps an older brother or sister, and in some cases parents, but I think it would be more likely an older kid they knew in the area. But I do agree this issue is mostly a case of bad parenting, as the child should have been at least educated about drugs to some extent by that age. I think this is a parent's responsibility as the current school curriculum is so outdated.
And how on earth do 10-year-olds have sex? Surely puberty strikes this early only in a tiny number of cases? I went through a swift puberty, completely over by the age of 12, but I certainly don't think i was ready, physically as well as mentally, for sex until a few years later. Perhaps it is partly a case of the society we live in today, where children are under increasing pressure to grow up before they are ready, from the media as well as their peers, but I find it hard to believe children are having sex this young :| It is baffling and disturbing.
more than 200? what is the actual figure then and who came up with it? Whose concerns are these? what makes you think they are new concerns? Bad parenting is not new and it will never be controlled, why are these always multiple questions but with no concrete statistics and vague references to unspecified research.

Totally agree, there is a very similar question in News 9144.html
The source would appear to be this... /news/news.html?in_article_id=441862&in_page_i d=1770

AB forgot to include alcohol.

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Drugs and sex offences at school

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