Drinking Beer Directly From The Bottle

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Khandro | 07:36 Thu 23rd Jun 2022 | Society & Culture
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Isn't it a disgusting, ugly & filthy habit? It seems to be now the norm now, even with women, in American movies.
Surely no AnswerBankers would do such a thing .... err, would they?

Where did it come from? I recently saw a clip from "Cheers" & 'Norm' & his friend the postman were definitely drinking from large glass steins there at the end of the bar.


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Quite poshibly, old chap.
I am of the female persuasion and mostly drink beer from the bottle if I have a Bud or one of those cheap continental beers from the supermarket at home, but from a pint glass in a pub if on tap. Can't stand beer from a can though, so would pour that into a glass. Common as muck? Yep that's me and proud of it.
too many hands have touched the tops, ie filthy hands, rats pee, mice pee, men's pee (when they can't get to the lavatory) - never in a million years - either from bottle or can.
Going off topic here, are there people who still slurp tea from a saucer?
What makes you say that? The bottling is done in sterile conditions & the first time they get touched is when the bottle is put on the shelf in the pub. How is that different from the barman handling your glass?
a saucer - what's that?
It's a small plate you set your teacup on. ;-)
I suppose it's all mugs now.
Can you get Leptospirosis from a soda can? This is where the facts get a little hazy. While humans can get Leptospirosis from contact with animal urine – the chances of it happening just by drinking from a soda can are minimal. According to a rebuttal from the Leptospirosis Information Centre (LIC): Leptospira require constant immersion in water to survive, and so drying of the surface for any length of time would permanently kill the bacteria. Given that drinking containers are non-porous, surface moisture dries very quickly and cannot possibly contaminate the contents. Furthermore, the hoax assumes that all rat urine contains Leptospira. In fact, rat urine is ordinarily not toxic to humans. Contact with urine from diseased rats can certainly lead to illness in humans, but only because the urine contains bacteria of some or other kind. So, there you have it, drinking from a soda can is not the death sentence that the messages proclaim. That being said, there’s one question left to ask: Is there really rat urine on soda cans? As for the fact that there may be rat urine on the soda cans we buy from shops, Leptospirosis or not, it’s possible. And, whether toxic or not, nobody likes the thought of gulping down a nice Coca Cola laced with urine. Given that soda cans may have been stored or handled in an unsanitary manner before reaching consumers, the hoax message’s recommendation to wipe the top of cans before drinking is probably not a bad one.
Question Author
When they start drinking from the bottle in the Athenaeum Club, I will try it, but not until then.
i'm working out the best way to tell doris that she needs to wipe the top of my can before she brings it to me . . .
I can't drink from cans - I spill too much.
Any possible contamination sitting on the bottles prior to purchase can be wiped off with a cloth. It doesn't need beating off with a lump-hammer and chisel.
Bet when you all buy cakes from a deli, you don't consider how many flies have spewed up on them before having a nibble.

And i haven't a Scooby why there's so much space beneath my post????
davebro; "I can't drink from cans - i spill too much."

Reminds me of an occasion when i was first in the pub and the landlord (quite the hisspead) said "Sit down, Ken, i'll bring it over." He poured my pint and walked/staggered over to the table, spilling half of my drink on the way. He stopped, looked at the half empty glass and passed it to me. "Here, go and top it up yourself." I subsequently discovered he'd over-indulged in a lock-in the night before.
Mrsmow drinks directly from the bottle lol.
Bottles in pubs are far safer too.
Difficult to get Rohypnol or a ‘Mickey Finn’ into a bottle a female is holding, even if she’s distracted. That’s why some are mindful to put their thumb over the top too.
//Bottles in pubs are far safer too.
Difficult to get Rohypnol or a ‘Mickey Finn’ into a bottle a female is holding,..//

You shouldn't go to pubs or bars where the clientele are prone to put things in your drinks.

A bottle is used to transport liquid. There are other vessels made especially for the purpose of drinking the said liquid. They are far more suitable and, among other things, the drinker does not have to worry about allowing air in to the vessel as the liquid comes out.

As far as hygiene goes, if you've ever seen what happens to bottles after they have been filled, where they are stored, what wildlife has access to them, you'd never drink from a bottle. With a badly washed glass the only nasties you are likely to encounter are those from other humans. With a bottle it doesn't bear thinking about. But once again, people should not frequent places which don't treat their glasses properly.

There is a pub I know in Devon which refuses to allow beer bottles to cross the bar. The beer is poured for the customer into a glass and drinking it from the bottle is not an option. It's a very well run and popular pub. On the other side of the coin I was in a pub in Dorset and Mrs NJ and I fancied a small bottle (200ml) of Prosecco each before going on to dinner. The barman duly put them on the bar along with "Would you like glasses for those?" I was somewhat astounded to be asked and told him so. On the darker side, I was waiting for a bus a few months back at just after 10am. One of my fellow intending passengers took from a carrier bag a full bottle of cheap pink wine, removed the top and began downing it from the bottle. By the time my bus came a few minutes later he had almost downed the lot. It looked almost as bad s someone drinking beer from a bottle in a pub.

Best of all, of course, stick to draught beer.
Then you have the young generation that work in coffee bars that provide take away coffee in a paper cup, now the latter would be great if they didn't put their grubby fingers all over the rim when taking it out of its protected film cover, then proceed to contaminate even further when when fixing the plastic lid.

They may as well given me a dirty tin can to drink out of. When are they ever going to learn just the very basics of working in a food outlet.
New Judge,
//You shouldn't go to pubs or bars where the clientele are prone to put things in your drinks.//

That’s impossible, could happen in literally any pub, bar or hostelry in the world.
NJ is just pretending to be elitist and a cut above us commoners, Fatti.

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