Drinking Beer Directly From The Bottle

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Khandro | 07:36 Thu 23rd Jun 2022 | Society & Culture
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Isn't it a disgusting, ugly & filthy habit? It seems to be now the norm now, even with women, in American movies.
Surely no AnswerBankers would do such a thing .... err, would they?

Where did it come from? I recently saw a clip from "Cheers" & 'Norm' & his friend the postman were definitely drinking from large glass steins there at the end of the bar.


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anyway whos round is it
I never do it. Always from a glass.

About 40 years ago a music venue I went to used to give me a filthy plastic glass, and I opted to drink from the bottle then. But not since.
Straight from the bottle, it stays cooler, plus I don’t keep my drinking glasses in the fridge and has been pointed out it’s hygienically safer, especially in a pub.
Ugh, those plastic glasses were crepe and always grubby looking.
I don't drink beer and never go into "pubs" only Inns.

Drinking from the bottle, women drinking pints just highlights upbringing and class, or lack of it in the latter case.
I only drink from a glass,but each to there own.

Bottled beer ugh !

Proper draught every time.
You're an auld fuddy-duddy, sqad.
I've known some lovely girls that drink pints.
You can sit at the back with Khandro doing your Statler & Waldorf impression.
They probably still use antimacassars & cover up the table legs!
LOL....Spicey....perhaps our definitions of "lovely girls" differ.
What on earth's wrong with girls drinking pints ?

I knew some in my youth who were lovely lasses.
Dare say.
saves going to the bar every five mins to get them a refill doesn't it?

she's a big lass & a bonny lass and she likes her beer & her name is Cushy Butterfield & I wish she was here...
In a busy bar, the glasses have most likely not been long out of the dishwasher and will still be a tad warm. Pour beer in them and it instantly loses some of that 'coldness'. Only one thing worse than warm beer and that's flat ale - like they used to serve on Eastenders (they may still do so).
Very rare i bought bottled beer, but when i did, i necked it from the bottle. Yeah, i know, common as muck:-)
When i typed that last line, i typed 'yesh, i know'. I amended it but, in hindsight, perhaps i should have left it as it was:-))
Question Author
Common as muck!
Hey, Khandro. I do it all the time! Probably no surprise for you there tho.
Here,Ken. D'you fink the doc an that uvver lah-di-dah *** fink we is common?

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Drinking Beer Directly From The Bottle

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