Where Would The World Be If T G L Had Never Come To Power?

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ToraToraTora | 15:20 Thu 09th Jun 2022 | Society & Culture
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Still in the cold war probably, the way the unions were carrying on we'd probably have become a Soviet Outpost by now, the Berlin wall would probably be up. This article from Fred Forsyth in the Express in Feb 2007 when her statue was unveiled sums up the ingratitude quiet well I think.....

//In all the publicity surrounding the thoroughly merited unveiling of the statue of Margaret Thatcher in the Members’ Lobby of the commons, it is easy to overlook the 17 years of her systematic demonisation by the sniggering classes.

The point is that you have to be of a certain maturity to recall the sheer awfulness of the last years of the seventies. Not just the winter of discontent, 1978/79 but the whole tottering edifice of our country reduced to a near-bankrupt “sick man of Europe”. We were heading, literally, for national ruin.

Every politician, civil servant, banker, industrialist and merchant was convinced that the rot could not even be stopped let alone turned around. But Mrs Thatcher did it and with not much help from the defeatists around her. Most of them believed Britain was finished.

But she took them all on and beat almost all of them. Galtieri in the south, Scargill in the North, the union tyrants at the strike polls, the wimps wherever she met them. They, reduced to their natural pygmy status hated her for it – and still do.

But, whatever they say, she did what had to be done. In her own words “There was no alternative”.

What has always riled me is that the self-serving coterie that destroyed her were not even up to her kneecaps. Such a pity that David Cameron has restored half a dozen of them to his innermost circle of advisers.

Twenty years from now she will still be staring in bronze across the members’ lobby. But you will have to scour the archives to find out who those who brought her down ever were.//


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"where would the world be?" - Interesting question, very different I suppose. I think The Soviet Union was always going to collapse, I think even they realised that their system was fundamentally flawed but Mrs Thatcher and Mr Reagan definitely hastened its demise. I'll give it some more thought very good question.
would the mines still be open?

that would have been an interesting moral dilemma - socialism and trade unionism vs environmentalism........
That hagiography is more than a bit over-egged, but each to their own.
Freddie is a one docha know, reminds me a lot of TTT.

Hmmm, I wonder... :-)
where would the world be without anyone - it's the butterfly effect innit?
Who's Freddie?
what about George Bailey - It's a Wonderful Life?
Ahhhhh...Mr Forsyth.

I skimmed over most of it and missed him the first time.
An oppressed street trader in Tunisia or Libya (?) set himself on fire & started the "Arab Spring". Go figure.
I think it is more interesting to discuss what might have happened if she had grown another head....
or wings
The world, TTT? I don't know. The UK? Kinder and less greedy and selfish.
TGT.... YAWN !. You are so, so Boring, just take your electric scooter with the JAG Badge tied on with a bit of dirty old rope around your block of flats again, and pop into the local chippie for a fried Mars Bar. OK.

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Where Would The World Be If T G L Had Never Come To Power?

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