Why Are Some Girls So Afraid Of Insects?

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the_master1124ya | 04:07 Sat 21st May 2022 | Society & Culture
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There are some Women I met, and they have this SERIOUS fear of bugs! These are not little girls - these are 20, 25 year old women talkin bout some "I was mature for my age back when I was in school" but when they see a SPIDER that is not a Brazilian Wandering Spider, or a Black widow, or even a HUNTSMAN SPIDER!!!! It's this LITTLE BEETIE White Spider that can't even bit through human skin that triggered such a PANIC attack that it got her crying for her mom, and SCREAMING like She saw an ARMED Human Home invader!
Anyway, I really want to know that phycology of these types of women. And How can it possibly be linked to their possible Traumatic upbringing?
Is it a sign that they suffer from severe mental health issues?
I'm putting this in Society and Culture, because I can't seem to find anything relating to Psychology `-`.


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the-master... Why are you so puzzled about Girls? Is it because you care about women and want to understand them, or because you don't want to have to think about other people's feelings regardless of their sex? Do you know any men who don't like insects or spiders? Do you really believe that fear of spiders is so awful that you should classify people as 'these types of women' who might have 'severe mental health issues'?
To me, you sound a bit lacking in understanding of normal people.
The- Master. Just forget about Atheist He's not worth it get a life without him.
There is masses of info on why so many people are scared of spiders on the Internet and it doesn't just affect girls either. Knowledgeable psychologists have put forward their theories but hardly any suggest it's due to traumatic upbringing nor severe mental problems.

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Why Are Some Girls So Afraid Of Insects?

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