Can Someone Give Me Links To Articles About What Really Happened Between Russia And Ukraine?

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the_master1124ya | 02:45 Mon 09th May 2022 | Society & Culture
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I spent two years learning the Russian Language (and still are). I do hear on the news about how Ukraine was the victum of an invasion and stuff. But I don't really trust news media, and then I saw a youtube comment saying that Ukraine somehow brought this upon themselves!
Hopefully no one pulls this question down, but can someone give me some articles for me to read on the ware that's not paid for by the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT?


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Russia invaded Ukraine. Ukraine fought back. Russia had no moral or legal right to invade Ukraine. The people in Ukraine are suffering greatly. The rest of the world has made it clear to Russia that their actions are evil and unacceptable.

This site is based in the UK and most of its members are based in the UK. We don't pay attention to what the US govt says.

Go to Google News and read the many stories about the situation, go to Wiki and read about the history of these countries. The truth is there, you just have to look for it.
If you want a non-US site try the BBC:
It's not difficult to search the world over for different points of view. Then it's up to you to decide which news accounts are most credible.
PS Yes Putin and his team love to blame the Ukraine for the Russian invasion, but they have yet to support this claim with anything even slightly plausible. They just keep repeating it.
You can see what's happening from a thousand non US sources. If you believe the Russian propaganda then you are a fool.

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Can Someone Give Me Links To Articles About What Really Happened Between Russia And Ukraine?

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