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Khandro | 16:31 Tue 03rd May 2022 | Society & Culture
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First there is this;

And if that isn't bad enough, there is the 'Black Lives Matter' movement - (which is still around folks).
Black (& white) lives do matter, but not to those who run the racket that goes by the acronym BLM. According to Douglas Murray, writing in the New York Post, the biggest lie is the racket behind the rhetoric.
One year ago the details of BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors’s real-estate empire emerged. She owned four homes and seemed to be shopping for more. And this month it was found that BLM, funded by well-meaning gullible folk who gave generously to the cause, bought a $5.8 million California mansion. Cullors’s response when this was pointed out, was to call the revelations ‘racist and sexist’.



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Maybe your confusing the blm movement or ideas with the political org of that name
None more intolerant than the self-proclaimed tolerant. Sick of all of it - and them.
Blm bought a mansion or the founder did?
Question Author
^^^not really, she is the COE of BLM

Question Author
That was to bobbinwales
still wondering if it was BLM who bought the mansion or the founder
What does it matter what houses charity's founders own/buy?
Question Author
snopes. ha-ha!
Naomi; would you call yourself tolerant or intolerant? I guess it would depend on what you were tol. or intol. about?
express. Ha-ha
Atheist, I’m intolerant of the idiocy of the ‘woke’ - but nowhere near as intolerant of other people’s opinions as the self-proclaimed ‘tolerant’ - who aren’t in fact tolerant of anyone who disagrees with them.

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